Monday, June 03, 2013

And my heart's numbered beats

The title is from one of my favorite songs ever.  Super extra bonus points if you can guess it :)

One of the delightful things I've discovered in my craft supply addiction is "warehouse sales" or "warehouse boxes".  Paper manufacturers seem to do this once or twice a year to clear out stock before new lines are released.  In many cases they have an open sale at their warehouse, which doesn't help me because I don't think any of the companies I love are in Seattle.  BUT many of them sell "warehouse boxes" online - a grab box of goodies for one flat price.

I love, love, love the surprise element here.  Especially if I choose a manufacturer where I like most of their designs and products. Not to mention it's usually a screamin' deal per piece compared to retail prices.

Last week I ordered a box from Pink Paislee.  I actually wasn't very familiar with their recent products, except for the very excellent Portfolio line, but a quick search online gave me the impression that I'd like a lot of their stuff.  It was around $56 including shipping, and arrived in one of the USPS Medium Flat Rate boxes, packed full.

It was amazing!  In total, I got 34 items in the box, each with retail prices from $2.99 up to $28.  Nearly all of it was stuff I would use - there were just a few things that were a little too boho, floral, vintage, or cottage/shabby for my taste.  But the items were all from recent collections: City Sidewalks (Christmas), Christy Tomlinson, Luxe (yay!), Portfolio, Secret Crush (Valentine's), Artisan, and Heidi Swapp.

oh, my goodness, Pink Paislee.

The lot included a ton of paper - a 6x6 pack, two 8x8 packs, a 12x12 collection pack, and a stack of around 28 12x12 sheets from all of the collections. I also got a few mini albums, embellishments, stickers, rub-ons and masks for stenciling or misting.

The big surprise for me was discovering the Luxe line.  It is AMAZING.  Shiny, simple and geometric. I want all of it now, so maybe Pink Paislee will get me at retail price for the rest of the collection! The gold and silver paper pack is available with Amazon Prime, so I just 1-clicked it.  Woot.

I found someone who wanted a few of the things that were not my style so we arranged a trade, which means I'll get a few more items I can use.  I'm pretty excited about that, even if I'm not able to sell or trade the remaining few pieces that aren't my style.  (T can always use more crafting supplies, right?)

Here's a complete list of what I got in my box (be amazed, papercrafters!):

28 sheets of 12x12 papers from all collections

Secret Crush:
photograms frames
element stickers
photo frames
photo tabs

Luxe (swoon!):
12x12 paper pack in copper/black
2 packs of rub-ons
3 placemats/masks in gold and silver

City Sidewalks:
8x8 paper pack
paper garland
collage sheets

chipboard arrows
2 packs of mistable fabric trim
2 packs of puffy stickers
8x8 resist paper pack
canvas album covers
album tabs
photo corners
3d flowers
3d butterflies

Christy Tomlinson:
6x6 paper pack
2 masks
3 packs of rub-ons

Heidi Swapp:
3 wood mini albums (heart, star, scroll)

Hope Chest: (will be finding a new home for these)
burlap butterfly embellishments
journal cards

Cottage Farms: (will be finding a new home for these too)
photo frames
journal cards

This was definitely a great deal, and the anticipation of delivery and the fun of pulling tons of little things out of the box made my weekend even better.  I'd totally buy this again.

So, have you gotten one of these magic boxes?  From where?  Did you like it?


  1. Buying one now - thanks for sharing.

  2. Yah that Hope Chest and Cottage Farms stuff is a bit too - not my style. Fun stuff though. We need to meet for lunch so I can get my Citrus stuff from you.

  3. Wow...that is quite a box full!

  4. My Box did not have any 8x8 pads and I love the vintage shabby stuff and not the luxe. I'd be happy to trade with you .Too bad i'm in Cali.

    1. Michele - Maybe we can work something out via mail. There's an email link at the top left of my blog. Send me a message, and I'll see if I can contact you :)

    2. I am soooo envious! I bought 2 warehouse boxes from Basic Grey last year and at first i thought they were coolio but then, when i went back over the product I realized I probably wouldn't use most of it. =( boo. So i haven't bought any more warehouse boxes. yours looks like a dandy. congratulations. i love it when treasures come thru the mail!

  5. I always get the Maya Road boxes which are much like these only they for sure so much value in each one. THEY ARE always amazing. So much so i purchase 4 or more each time. Never knew PP did them as well. Thanks!

    1. Ooh, good to know! I always wonder if those will be full of chipboard stuff. I'm drowning in chipboard over here :)

  6. wow, wow, wow! what a haul. I live in Canada so the cost of shipping usually stops me from buying these boxes. It's fun to see what's inside though. Thanks for sharing.

    ps: I'm popping over from SC

  7. Jepp, that´s a cool thing to get a box full of these great stuff. I´m also in love with LUXE ;-)

  8. thanks for sharing-I'm bummed that I didn't get this one! I have gotten one from Webster's Pages and it was amazing! ANd then I ALWAYS love the ones that October Afternoon does near Christmas (called a Santa Sack I think-around $50) but you have to be a big fan of those manufacturer's since their products are more over the top.

    1. Yeah, I got a Santa Sack this past year and wasn't too thrilled because I forgot about all the vintage cutesy stuff OA does, and just remembered the parts I liked. Fortunately I was able to sell the stuff I didn't want :)


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