Sunday, June 30, 2013

Project Life 2013: Happy Birthday To Me!

My birthday last week was low-key, but one of the best I've ever had.  TJ took the morning off to watch the girls so I could get my craftiness on.  For six whole uninterrupted hours. Granted I used some of it to shower in peace and get an eyebrow wax, but the rest was spent editing photos and making a Project Life layout.

Here it is:

June 3 - 16: Father's Day, lima bean plant, double cart @ Whole Foods

June 3-16: my favorite paper EVER, popsicles, Crazy House Project

Filler - I have a thing for clouds, lately.

Calendar card with pretties

I used the Citrus Twist June Project Life Kit, mostly.  I put the last several kits in the same Cropper Hopper Paper File (love these things for storing kits!), so I'm not sure which pieces belong with each month's kit.  But I do like mixing and matching things, so I'm not too worried about it.  I especially love the Amy Tangerine Yes Please tiny puffy stickers and their fun summery colors.

And you know what else matched, and was perfect for our popsicle-making process photos?  My MOST FAVORITE PAPER EVER.  

It's the Dreamy Days Polaroid-esque paper from American Crafts' Dear Lizzy Neapolitan line.  I got a sheet at my local scrapbook store (shout out to Ben Franklin Redmond!), and when I realized how much I loved it, I went back for more only to find they were completely out.  I was heartbroken, so I ordered a few sheets online from another scrap store.  Then I realized I *still* wanted more, so I ordered a 25-pack on Amazon. At the time, it was much more expensive than it is now, but I still consider it money well spent, to secure (aka hoard) that paper. I know, it's a sickness.

But now that I have so much, I'm not afraid to use it. It works so well to frame lots of little photos. And the pastel colors coordinated really well with the Citrus Twist kit colors.

You'll also notice that I embraced two colors I don't much care for - Pepto-Bismol pink and yellow.  I'm just not a fan but they worked well here, especially with that yummy pink and yellow ombre wide washi tape from a recent Studio Calico add-on kit. Standing in for bullet points this week on my summary are the hard-to-find Studio Calico tiny star wood veneers.

I've also found the perfect solution to adhering tiny wood veneer pieces and sequins, without having to deal with messy wet glue anymore.  Hooray!  I had no idea that Glue Dots came in a Micro size of 1/8 inch. I'll be buying more of these, for sure.  They are perfect for the tiniest wood veneer stars, little sequins and even small beads.

As you can tell, this was A Good Crafty Session. I had fun, and things came together as I thought they should.  I've been in a bit of a picture taking lull, so I'm hoping the Phone Photography class I signed up for in July will help me get my mojo back.

Here's a slide show of all my 2013 pages, including close-ups.  If you can't see it, click here to view my entire 2013 Project Life gallery.

Project Life @ The Mom Creative


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Glad you got some time to yourself. I like the colours and all the little details in your pages :)

  2. Lovely pages Anandi! I had no idea you didn't like yellow ;) I love that unique page protector. Popsicle making looks great and I totally love that paper too. Been hoarding it for years, ha!

  3. Happy Birthday to you...I agree that was quite a treat, 6 {SIX} whole hours to scrap! Woot!
    Great attention to detail on your spreads!

  4. sounds like you had an amazing birthday!! yay! :) love those popsicles photos.. you have a link to the recipe or just something you do just naturally without recipe?

    1. Sasha - we mostly make it up as we go :) Raspberry lemonade was easy - blend 1 12oz package of thawed frozen raspberries with about a cup or so of storebought lemonade. Hubby thought they were too sour, but my daughter and I liked them. (He has a super-sweet tooth, so that may be the issue.)

      I've read that adding a tiny bit of thickener like arrowroot or guar gum can help make the popsicles smoother and less "icy", but our first batch turned out fine without them.

  5. 6 hours of craft bliss on your birthday? Perfect! Glad you had a great one.

    Love that paper with the frames! Great pages

  6. Sounds like you got the best birthday gift ever - congrats! Your pages are lovely; the colours are beautiful together and the polaroid frame paper is a fun addition and great solution to showing many photos at once.

  7. Great project life spreads - love that you mix the page protectors so effectively

  8. That is too freakin' cute. Glad you had a nice birthday!

  9. What a great birthday! That paper is so nice!

  10. Love...Love LOVE the popsicle making page. Especially the top where they look like polaroid photos. Brilliant idea.

  11. {Happy Birhtday} Sounds like it was a great day...nothing like a little uninterrupted scrapy time..that and bathroom time free of "Mom", "Mom"..."Mom". Pages are great!

  12. I love that cloud too!

    But mostly, I LOVE THAT BLUE CHAIR TJ is sitting on.

    Great that you had 6 hours to yourself - he is a keeper :)

  13. Great PL pages love all the little details :)

  14. So many fun and cute detail, I have that polaroid paper too. I am so gonna do what you did, love it with your own pictures added here and there.

  15. Happy belated birthday! Your pages are beautiful. Is that Polaroid looking insert a patterned paper? So cute! Looks so fun with all your pictures added.


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