Friday, August 09, 2013

Currently 3

I guess I'm on the "once a quarter" schedule for this prompt.

I've dropped *all* TV watching.  I caught up with Grey's Anatomy before the Season Finale (May, maybe?), got annoyed with Glee after the shooting episode, and then just stopped watching TV entirely. I did see the movie Up a few weeks ago and was once again completely weepy during the opening sequence. Apparently I'm not alone, according to my Facebook friends.

I discovered how easy it is to borrow Kindle books from our library, so last week I read Maeve Binchy's last book (sniff), A Week in Winter.  I've now read all of her fiction. I loved it when I was 10 and still love it now. She's consistent in her style, but I noticed that her later books definitely showed the shift in culture of Ireland over time.  I also checked out Ayelet Waldman's Bad Mother on a reco from a friend, and enjoyed it. Some of the later chapters were really beautiful.

I took T to see the Indigo Girls last week and she LOVED it. So we've been listening to them on shuffle in the car. Thankfully they have a lot of albums, so I'm not sick of it. Considering I discovered them in high school, it is surreal to be listening to them with my DAUGHTER.

Project Life 2013, of course. I've also started an online scrapbooking class challenging me to dig into my prodigious stash of supplies. For the next four weeks, there will be 3 challenges per week. That's twelve layouts, in case you were lazy and didn't want to do the math. That will get me a significant chunk of my "favorite photos" album done, which I'm excited about.  Tomorrow I've got an all day crafty session planned, at a fundraiser crop. I had to miss the last one, because M was only a few weeks old. Super excited about that.

Out of sorts, a bit. Part of it is likely sugar withdrawal from the new Whole30 I've started.  BabyM is teething, so she's a little angry about that, especially when it's time to sleep. Can't blame her, but man, we've had a LOT more crying the past couple of days. She's usually not much of a crier.

T may be dropping her nap, as evidenced by her staying up until 11pm the last couple of nights because she's "just not sleepy". Which had to happen sometime, but it's hard to know what she needs when she's got dark circles under her eyes.

How to spend the last 3-4 weeks of our summer break. Thinking of stepping up the "Mama School" activities as we've had lots of playdates, Story Times and other things keeping us busy.  Just bought books on teaching reading and Singapore Math, so I get to keep my Asian parent street cred, right?

Yesterday I got to hold my friend A's 2 week old baby, and OMG. So tiny. So precious. So lovely. I can't believe how big my own BabyM seemed after holding BabyC.  That was a gift, to see how far we've come in 10 months, and another reminder to really live and notice what's going on with my girls.

Now your turn!

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  1. Love these posts.

    So I've never read a Maeve Binchy but I so love my Irish fiction :) Do you like other Irish authors?

    1. I'm not sure I've read any others!! Maybe I should :) I read so little these days...

  2. I love this for a journalling idea! It's a great way to reflect back :)

    Good for you for dropping TV, I don't really watch it that much either. However recently my daughter and I have been pvring The Gilmore Girls from start to finish.

    1. I'd love to do this sometime. I've seen all of Seasons 1 and 2 but only bits and pieces after that.

  3. Oh my god I LOVE Maeve Binchy. I haven't read the latest yet, but have read every other book she's ever written. And the Indigo Girls. That is SO COOL you took your daughter to a rock concert!!! B dropped his nap around 2 and a half. It was sad for me. But no longer staying up until 10PM was happier.

    1. The last MB book was as good as the others, though there was that sadness in knowing there aren't any more. Hers are great for re-reading, though.

      Our zoo has an awesome concert series in the summer and it starts at 6pm, which is doable for little kids that go to bed early :) T had fun, and it was mostly kid-appropriate, which was great.

  4. Using Singapore math is totally good for street cred. I look forward to trying out Indigo Girls with my daughter, and I'm excited that I may only need to wait 2 years, not like 14.

    1. Oh yeah. I think some of their songs have some inappropriate language, but T hasn't noticed yet ;) I also sometimes have to creatively make up meanings for the songs if they're just too heavy for a 3yo.

      The nice thing about the Zoo concert series (see above comment) is that the kid ticket is free with a paying adult :) So I figured it wasn't too bad if she wasn't that into it. But she was. There was MUCH DRAMA when it was over and time to go home.


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