Friday, September 27, 2013

The lazy woman's blog post

Gratuitious sleeping baby photo
My goal has been to blog regularly for my new crafty blog at The Papercraft Lab. This week I blogged every weekday, so yay!  That means this blog has been sadly neglected. So I'm going to take the Friday Night Easy Way Out and point you to some of my posts over there.  I'm trying to write about easy ways to capture family memories, so they're not all crazy-crafty "Ain't nobody got time for that" kinds of activities.  

Here's what I wrote over there this week:

Scaling an Artisan Business - super exciting news about The Papercraft Lab featured in Fast Company!

How to Find a Family Photographer - updated from a post here last year

How to Have a Successful Photo Shoot - recycled and renewed from an old post here last year

No More Wasted Space - a scrapbook layout and coming to terms with whitespace in design

Photo Lab Friday - a new series on how to (quickly) edit your photos to make them shine

I'd appreciate if you could subscribe to the new blog - there are convenient links in the sidebar over there to add to Feedly or your reader of choice.  Especially if you've been coming here to read about craftiness, scrapbooking or easy photography tips.

In my ideal world, I'd like to post here on weekends, and there on weekdays, since that Lab is my new business venture and the closest I'm going to get to "work" these days. But I make no promises.  This weekend is the girls' birthday party (hooray for siblings born with birthdays 12 days apart!) and hopefully a fun trip to the zoo if the weather pseudo-cooperates.

What's going on with you?  Are you still out there? I haven't abandoned you, I promise.  :)


  1. Still here! I've subscribed to your new blog too - it's lovely and inspiring and very tempting. Up until now I've only done digital scrapbooking, and then on a sporadic basis at best. But I love the idea of being a family record-keeper (I'm sure all bloggers must!), so am thinking about possibly getting around to it (no need to RUSH, or anything, I'm sure they'll be babies FOREVER, am I right?).

    1. Forever, totally :) Cool that you do the digital stuff. I love paper because i have a THING for craft supplies, and also because spending all day in front of a computer for work meant I was sick of it by the end of the day. But you can do some really cool stuff with digital scrapbooking!

  2. The beauty of feed readers is that I don't actually care how often my favorite bloggers write. I've collected a handful of blogs that are like old friends now, and a couple of them only post once-in-a-blue-moon. But when they do - it's like finding a little gem in my feed. I hope you find a schedule that you're happy with, but really, I'll read it whenever it gets here. :)

  3. where on earth has my comment gone?!

    I was saying I did miss you!

    I came over from a comment you made about Ireland on Laura vanderKam's blog :)

    1. I loved our trip to Ireland. Can't wait till we can do another family trip when the baby's a little older :)

  4. I have kids with birthdays 3 days apart and also the week before Thanksgiving! November is a crazy, but fun, month around here.

    1. 3 days! OMG. Is that automatic dual-birthday party??


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