Saturday, January 18, 2014

Lately I've been losing sleep

BabyM is not a good sleeper. I won't go so far as to say she's a BAD one, because I know it could be MUCH worse. But at 15 months, I can count on two hands the number of times she has slept through an entire night without waking, and I'm not close to running out of fingers.

Cute, funny, smart. But not a great sleeper. Yet.

There's not much I can do about it now besides vent here. Since Nov 11, we've been in various transitional sleeping situations thanks to the huge home remodel. We moved her crib to my parents' place which was her first time sleeping in a room by herself. After a month, we decided sleeping at home all together at night might be easier, so at night she's in a Pack N Play in the living room, with her sister on a mattress nearby (out of sight) and me on the couch. She still naps at my parents' condo in her crib.

On a great night, she doesn't wake at all. This has happened maybe 6 times EVER. 

On a good night, she'll wake once for milk around 1am, drink it fast and go right back to sleep. 

On a not-so-good night, she'll wake twice for milk but go right back to sleep. 

On a wretched night (like yesterday), she'll wake at 1am, drink milk and then be awake for HOURS, and woe unto us if we try to put her back down. Eventually, around 5am, she'll go back to sleep for a few hours. And of course by then, we can't get back to sleep.

Big Sister T has been oblivious to most of this - once she's out, she sleeps like a ROCK. It's amazing, really.

I know what I need to do with BabyM - work on getting her to stop waking at night for milk and eat more during the day.  Let her cry for a bit after confirming she's ok (doesn't need a diaper or ibuprofen, isn't sick, etc). But we can't start a new sleep plan while we're all camping in our living room.

So we're gritting our teeth and getting through the next couple of weeks. The project is almost finished - we have paint on the walls, bathroom cabinets and counters, some window trim, doors and lighting installed. This week all the flooring should be complete and the following week is for all the little details and cleaning. Fingers crossed, knock on wood, salt over the shoulder, etc. 

And then we can work on getting better sleep around here!  I am so ready to accept that challenge.

For a giggle, check out my friend D's post about parenting and sleep on her shiny new blog.


  1. Oh no, 15 months and still not sleeping through the night? I feel for you friend.

    1. I know, right? The pediatrician has been giving me "the look" since 12 months, but with the remodel my hands are tied. I'm at the point where I really WANT to do something about it but can't. 2 more weeks.

    2. Good luck! I agree there is not much to do when the remodel is going on.

  2. I can count on the fingers of one mutilated hand the number of times my nearly four year old has slept through the night between the ages of 18 months and now. We have exhausted every alternative - crying it out she outlasts us both (she cries for a minimum of 4 hours at a time). I feel your pain and raise you a lot of grey hair and wrinkles. Hope it all sorts itself out when you are back in your house.

  3. I hope that those 2 weeks fly by for your sake!!

  4. Ugh - sounds awful. Hopefully when you're in your larger, remodeled space, you'll have some distance between you and where M sleeps. We've had an easier time with sleep with our youngest because we've been in a larger space, and can just ignore her when she makes noise. Also, I wear earplugs if my husband is home, and he sleeps deeply, so if she's waking up...she's getting herself back to sleep eventually. All good!

  5. Hang in there, girl! I imagine that when she's back in her own space, and when you're not right there to comfort her when she gets the hankering, it'll be better. But for now, we put a leak-proof sippy cup of water in the cribs with the babes when they were old enough -- I wonder if that would help you?


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