Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Just another sad love song

I have been putting off writing this post because I just can't find the words to do it.  But it needs to be written, so I can get through my grief instead of trying to circumvent it or pretend it doesn't exist.

On March 2, two months to the day that Spike left us, we had to let Peanut go too. We knew he probably wouldn't make it through the year - a 100-lb dog about to celebrate his 12th birthday - but still, I wasn't expecting it to be so soon. 

Peanut, Dec 2013

He was the first of many blessings in my life with TJ. Without him, none of the others would have happened. Realizing how much fun it was to live with a dog made us look for Spike (well, actually, we were looking for a well-behaved beagle, but ended up with Spike).  Caring for and enjoying dogs made me realize that maybe I could be entrusted with small messy lives, and that opened me up to the idea of having kids.

Peanut, Sept 2002

It's all due to this 35-lb gangly 6 month old puppy we adopted at the Tucson Humane Society in 2002. Now our hearts are full, but our house is so empty.


  1. That puppy picture is way too much cute. What a beautiful guy, and I know he shared a beautiful life with you all.

  2. OMG what a cute puppy. His job was to make feel all those things. And he did it well. Now you have memories of that wonderful "little" dog.

    1. Thanks Jenn. The guy at the Humane Society told us he'd be 75-80 lbs, TOPS. TJ thought he was lying so we'd take Peanut home :)

  3. So very sad to hear the news - sending you all big hugs.

  4. So sorry for your loss, losing a pet is always so hard!

  5. He was such a cutie. Sorry for your loss :(

  6. so sorry! esp so soon after spike!

  7. Such a perfect and sweet post in honor of Peanut.

  8. I'm so sorry for your loss, my friend. *hugs*

  9. Oh Anandi, its too much! I'm so sorry for these losses for your family.


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