Sunday, April 24, 2005

At this point in my life

Short post tonight as it's already late and I should get to bed so I can start my week off on the right foot.

Lots of wedding stuff sorted out this weekend. Program finalized and printed (yay Kinkos), ceremony script finalized with Susan and sent off to photographer and videographer so they can plan their shots, wedding day schedule outlined with Susan, seating chart finished up and sent to Canlis, directions to Canlis left with Regent Bakery (sure hope the cake gets there!), dress tried on after alterations.

Ooh, yes. The dress. I went back to Cicada on Saturday to try it on. I did have one of those revelatory moments. It was *perfect*. They did an amazing job with the sari border my mom brought back from India, and the alterations made the whole dress fit perfectly. The hem is "ballet length" which means it's not dragging on the floor and you can see my cute red shoes. (Yay online shoe store). The dressmaker found some weirdness she didn't like about how the lining was attached to the dress and wanted to fix that, so I didn't take it home. TJ is nice enough to pick it up for me sometime next week or the week after. Reason #26 I'm happy to be marrying him. Since he helped me pick it out, I'm not too worried about him seeing it before the wedding. (Marriage is probably going to be hard enough without throwing in silly superstitions at the same time.)

Not too many major items left - meet w/ the florist next weekend since she was sick this weekend, final conversation with Kellie at Canlis, figure out the "must-have" posed pictures, pay the final bills, and then just sit back and wait for people to show up.

Talked to my parents briefly and it seems like plans are coming along for the reception in Savannah as well. They have a harder job, with almost an order of magnitude more guests to deal with... I'm looking forward to that party. I'll be wearing a pink silk sari that my grandmother bought me when I went to India last year. I've never worn it so this is the perfect occasion. It's only too bad she won't get to see me in it - occasions where I wear a sari are definitely few and far between.

We went to the park TWICE today. Both boys got a bath this evening. The weather was lovely all weekend and reminded me why I live in Seattle. Fingers crossed that it'll hold up the weekend of May 7!


  1. Hey, just stopping by to say I love your dogs. I wanted to get a Beagle, but I've heard how they are major escape artists. Alas, I ended up with a Chow Chow/Golden Retriever--lots of energy, lots of smarts, but a real home body who doesn't like to be too far from me. Good luck with wedding plans.

  2. Ahh, wedding plans. When my wife and I were planning our wedding I nearly went nuts. So much work to do and holy moly so many people to please. It sounds like you're getting it all done in fine form. Cool blog!


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