Monday, April 25, 2005

If the sun refused to shine

People actually commented on my blog. Woo hoo! I'm not sure how folks are coming across it. Or why people who don't know me find it interesting at all? But that's so cool.

We got some kitchen stuff today from our registry (thanks Debbie and David!). Always nice to come home to a large UPS package. Debbie and David bought us a salad spinner (i've always wanted one!), measuring spoons, a spatula and some other Oxo things. When I went to a software design class last month, the instructor pointed to the Oxo line of products as good design that made people "feel good" about the product even though they are ordinary kitchen tools. I guess it's the same concept behind all the lovely Apple designs - make ordinary electronics "cute" and "lovable" so people will want to own them. That is why I got sucked into buying a Saturn 6 years ago - ever since I saw the first commercials about people loving their cars, etc. I was totally hooked. (Too bad the car is falling apart on the inside. I guess what counts is that it's still running.)

Oh, and even more good news from this morning. I weighed myself at home (I try not to do this more than once a week since it fluctuates so much) and I *finally* reached my first major goal, which was to lose 10% of my total weight. Never mind that it took 6 months to do it... (Or 3 years, depending on how you look at it!) Of course I celebrated at lunch with Irish whiskey bread pudding at a new Irish pub in Redmond (awesome, but not as good as Andre's Eurasian Bistro banana bread pudding). And pizza this evening at Frankie's. If I could just curb my eating out this would be easy, I think. But all the new kitchen stuff should motivate me :)

I was a dieting model citizen this weekend by shopping for groceries and portioning the snacks and fruit into baggies so I could grab them for work. Though annoying, it really makes it easy for me to be lazy and still eat right. I think the new way of eating (more protein, no refined carbs - it was whole wheat bread pudding, right?) is kind of sinking in so it doesn't seem so *hard* anymore. I'm optimistic about it. And more patient. Even if it takes me until the end of the year to reach my goal (or longer), that's ok. The slower it is, the less painful it will be for me in the short term and also I'm more likely to keep it off. So yeah!

I've also been walking to work 2-3 days a week now. I love it. It's about a 20-25 min walk, and the weather has been perfect. It makes me so mellow on my way to work and is a nice way to wind down on the way back. I've been very anti-gym lately so it makes me feel like I'm getting *some* exercise. I have an 8am appointment with Nelson tomorrow so I need to be prepared to work hard. But I only meet with him twice more so I can deal with it.

Poor Peanut is so itchy that I think the warm weather allergy thing is starting again. We spent most of last summer with one or the other dog on medication and/or recovering from various allergic skin ailments. I think we need to take them to the vet and get them on some kind of long-term, low dose Benadryl sort of thing before the problems start. Though Spike's new food may be making him less prone to allergies - I guess we'll find out when it gets really warm out. Poor guys - I really want them to be comfortable and it's sad to see Peanut so itchy. We've tried everything, several different shampoos, soothing creme rinse, change in diet, flea protection, etc. but Peanut is still itchy and somewhat dandruffy. Which makes me feel like a bad dog parent. So if anyone has any ideas, let me know. I want my boys to be happy and skin goo-free this summer :)


  1. Is the pollen count high in Seattle?

  2. I'm not sure, as I don't keep tabs on it. A lot of people seem to have allergy symptoms now, so I'd guess that it is.

    Our dogs spend the day outdoors in our yard so they're encountering a lot of plants and bugs and stuff so it would be difficult to narrow down exactly what's bothering them.

    But Peanut has been itchy all the time for about the past 6 months or so - it just seems to be worse at some times. I do hate the idea of giving him a pill every day - it just doesn't seem too healthy. I wonder if there is some kind of more natural way to reduce his itchiness...

  3. Didn't know where to comment, so I just took this to comment on :)

    Love your beagle.. One of my fav kind of dogs.. Your rottweiler does have a good 'face' too. Most of 'm look kinda Cujo :)

    And btw, gratz on your oncoming marriage !!

  4. Shakma -

    I think Blogger ate my previous response to you. Thanks for stopping by!

    Peanut is a rottweiler mix which is why he's got such a cute face. No idea what he's mixed with - the animal shelter just listed him as Rottweiler-X. Our vet thinks it's a breed much taller, with longer fur and less muscular than the rottweiler. He's also got a giant white stripe down his chest (Peanut, not our vet...)

  5. Same thing happened to me when I started a blog - comments arriving out of the ether - kind of reassuring in a spooky sort of way.


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