Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Vote: What's my new name going to be?

Hey y'all! Use the Comments to vote on what my new name should be after I get married on May 7:

1. Anandi Raman Creath
(Problem: the obligatory explanation that people need to use both last names)

2. Anandi Raman-Creath
(Problem: the hyphen just annoys me.)

I can't decide. I know I want to change my name, but I don't want to just be "Anandi Creath". So help! I'm torn and need to sort this out.


  1. If you go without the hyphen, you will eventually drop the Raman. It will be too difficult to keep it. I don't know anyone who moved their original last name to their middle name (or their first last name) and didn't end up just dropping the use of it and going with the new last name. On the other hand, the hyphen is a pain. But it is a way to ensure you don't lose the Raman.

  2. I say go with the hyphen. It's stylish.

  3. I prefer the hyphen. It gives a more lyrical sway.

  4. I prefer Anandi raman Creath without the hyphen like Hillary Rodham Clinton

  5. I like Anandi Raman Creath -- that's the way the Southern ladies do it!!! Love, Amma

  6. Aha, so this was a ploy to get more people to read your blog. Fair enough, I do it too. (Why didn't you tell me you had a blog before?!)

    So my first vote would be "Anandi Raman" unless you really really want to change your name. (Nothing against TJ, I am just a traditional Vietnamese woman - we don't change our names when we get married.)

    Between the two options you propose, I think "Anandi Raman Creath" is better, because I hate hyphenated names. I think if you want to get people to realize that they have to say both names, you just have to introduce yourself as "Anandi Raman Creath," and always sign with that name. Most people, except the inattentive, will get it after a while. The inattentive folks will likely mess up your name whatever it is.

  7. I'd say without the hyphen too. Dunno why though, it just looks a bit better.
    But I do think muffie's got a point...

  8. Are you going to have something by the Cowboy Junkies played at your wedding?

  9. goodbyetime -

    Yes, we've given the DJ a CD with a bunch of songs to play as people are arriving, carefully selected so they're happy wedding songs (it's pretty hard to find!). I think "Anniversary Song" was the one I picked, as a lot of Cowboy Junkies songs are too sad for a wedding...

  10. I think I have to vote for without the hyphen. It just looks better.

  11. hey, an - i don't normally blog, but i'll do it for you. :)

    i have to agree with muffie that not using the hyphen may make you eventually lose the Raman.

    although suz has a good point that you just have to reinforce the Raman Creath w/out the hyphen.

    am i being wishy-washy charlie-brownie enough?

    my personal preference is to just go with your maiden name Raman. if/when i get married i am keeping my maiden name.

    i hope to talk to you soon!! i hope all is going well with the wedding plans!! love - jude :)

  12. I like Anandi Raman Creath. But it really won't matter as far as people messing it up. If you don't use the hyphen, it will get hyphenated on 50% of your bills and Xmas cards anyway. If you do use the hyphen, the Raman part will get left out on 50% of your bills and Xmas cards anyway. Maybe I'm just cynical after a week in DC! Kristin

  13. Oh! I forgot to give you my strongest opinion on this whole thing. I really like that you kept the pictures of TJ & the dogs on the page even while we are voting. Have you considered Anandi Raman-Spike-Peanut-Creath? Kristin


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