Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Been a long time

Busy weekend! On Saturday I had my hair and makeup "trial" along with a mandatory workout to pre-empt the major off-plan eating I was going to do at Canlis that evening. I spent about 3.5 hours at the salon, getting my nails done and then having my hair and makeup done by Lindsay, who totally rocks. She curled little sections with a curling iron, then loosened it up and pinned some of it up on top of my head. She even managed to work in the sun pin I found at Macy's. She did a really nice job, and the hairstyle held up pretty well all night. Having someone else do my makeup was interesting, especially the eyeliner and mascara parts. (Yikes). But that looked good too, very glamorous. It was a lot more than I usually wear, so I might ask her to do a little less next time, but then again, it has to survive about 10 hours that day, and also get me through a lot of photographs...

Dinner at Canlis was YUM. Menu choices for the wedding: Misty Isle Petit Filet Mignon, Washington Chicken, Potato Napoleon, and some kind of vegetarian Israeli couscous dish suggested by the chef. Our server that evening was awesome, and brought us a sample of the Napoleon, the chef brought over samples of the hors doeuvres, and the server even brought us creme brulee for dessert, and a fruit plate when I told her I wasn't allowed to have dessert. All free of charge. So nice :) TJ and I decided we needed to come to Canlis more often, so we made reservations there for my birthday in June. Woo hoo!

On Sunday Jasmine and I went "power shopping" at Bellevue Square. There are only a few people in my life who I'm able to do this kind of intense shopping with - Kristin, Jasmine, and my mom. We spent about 5 hours, and only got through Nordstrom, Aveda, Arden B, and Banana Republic. Pretty impressive. Jasmine found some clothes to wear to the ballet (see previous post) and I got a couple of tops to match some skirts I already had. Plus a cool white poofy peasant skirt. I've been coveting this item for a couple of years now, ever since it came back into style and I finally broke down and bought one at Nordstrom.

After that much shopping, I was exhausted. We took the dogs to the park and I did some grocery shopping and attempted to plan what I was going to eat during the week.

Yesterday we went back to Canlis and met with Kellie, the dining coordinator, and Sean, our video/music guy. Most of the details have been sorted out. Kellie brought up some things we hadn't thought of, like when were we planning to do the toasts, and who was going to come and get us in the small private room we've booked to tell us to start the ceremony. She said someone from Canlis would be there to help us out with that stuff. Yay again for Canlis.

I then spent the rest of the day sleeping off a horrible sinus headache which is still lingering. Yuck...

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