Friday, April 15, 2005

Long Time Gone...

You can guess what kind of week I've been having since I haven't written since Tuesday. Work is getting busier, now that I have some idea of what I'm supposed to be doing, but unfortunately the wedding planning is heating up too, given that there are only 21 more days till the wedding (yikes!).

Tonight I'm babysitting Catie, a cute roundheaded baby who belongs to Jasmine and Chris, friends of mine from Caltech. They had tickets to the ballet and their babysitter cancelled at the last minute, so I agreed to do it. They put Catie to bed before they left, so basically I signed up to sit on their couch and surf the Internet all evening. But Ms. Catie had other plans. She cried for about 25 more minutes after they left so I went upstairs to see if I could get her to sleep. After rubbing her back for a little while, she fell asleep. Woo hoo! Maybe I'm the baby whisperer. Or maybe Catie's just an easy baby (more likely). Now I can hear her breathing on the baby monitor. Yay technology.

My eating plan has gone all awry this week and last. Sadly, I gained a pound last week, but not surprising since I had nachos, pizza (twice), and a giant Italian dinner with dessert all in the same week. I saw Sarah, my dietician, this week and vowed to do better. Yesterday was ok. But today I had Mexican food at lunch with Dre (who I hadn't seen in a couple of weeks since she was in Hawaii) and Indian food with Jaz and Chris. So I've been uncomfortably full for most of the day, which doesn't bode well. But tomorrow is another day and I can salvage what's left of today by NOT eating any more. I used to think my eating habits were pretty good but when I actually write things down, turns out they're not. :( But I can get back on track tomorrow. I promised both Nelson and Sarah I would not have dessert at Canlis tomorrow night. Since we're not putting dessert on our wedding dinner menu there's no reason for me to eat it. So I won't. I guess I'm promising you all now too.

Spike is continuing his green bean diet. Our vet told us to replace 1/4 of his food with low salt canned green beans to cut the calories. Spike thinks it's a special treat and Peanut is definitely jealous so I always toss a couple of beans in Peanut's bowl as well. I don't know how people can eat canned green beans. Nasty tasting and bad texture. The fresh ones are sooo much better.

Tomorrow I'll be spending a long time at the spa - manicure, pedicure, hair and makeup trial for wedding. Woo hoo! I got a haircut and highlights done yesterday by the same woman who's doing my hair for the wedding. I hadn't been to her before, but she did a great job. Yay Lindsay! My highlights are a lot brighter red than I was expecting but I suspect it'll be toned down by the time the wedding comes around.

TJ bought me a Humane Society sweatshirt today because it was so cold when we volunteered there. He's so thoughtful. Another reason I'm glad to be marrying him.

I only got to take out 4 or 5 dogs before I had to leave for Chris and Jasmine's house because the traffic here is so bad going from Bellevue to the part of Seattle where they live. I was having a not-so-great day with those dogs anyway. A lot of them weren't too interested in playing, or treats, or training. One of them was pretty mouthy and grabbed my arm with his teeth. Good thing I was wearing a bunch of layers... We'll only do this one more time, and then we're taking a few months off because of all the wedding-related stuff. In July we'll need to decide whether to continue volunteering.

Still no comments on the blog. Come on people!! :)

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  1. Hi Anandi! Thanks for leaving comments on my blog. :)

    Was it the good or stressful parts of tech that haven't changed? (or both?) I have to admit, I really loved my house (Blacker) for most of my time at tech; but I really hope in ~10 years that some of the depression/suicide issues among the student body are better. I also kind of hope that the quality of instruction improves; some of the profs, especially in math, were clearly brilliant, but either couldn't teach worth a damn or were past their prime.

    What was your major, and what did you do with it?

    Also, it's awesome that you're volunteering for the Humane Society -- I've always wanted to (and I really miss my dogs at home), but have never managed to make the time for it. Perhaps now is the time to start. :)

    And finally: congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I hope everything goes smoothly for you two. :)


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