Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bo is my American Idol

I can't believe I've never posted about my obsession with American Idol. Since Season 1, when I was trapped in a hotel in Oakland, working at Clorox for Deloitte Consulting, I got sucked into this awful cheesy show. I missed most of Season 2 (Clay/Ruben) because I was busy settling into my new job at Microsoft and living in Seattle. I got back into it for Season 3 and have been watching since the beginning of this season. I do like the singing (mostly, except for the cheesy Celine Dion action) and it's just such a lame show that oddly, I love it. Simon does speak the truth, though he's harsh. Anyway, this year, they raised the age limit and so now the contestants aren't all 12. Bo Bice is my fave (teenage girl swoon) - he's 29 (old!), from Alabama, and all his songs sound like Lynyrd Skynrd or some other Southern rock band. He's got this cool gravelly voice, entered AI on a bet, and doesn't care if he wins or not. I like him because he is the anti-Idol. It makes me sad to see him sing and dance in those cheesy group songs they make them do, but they did sign their souls away to be on the show. Anyway, check out the Sugar Money website - it's got some of Bo's band's original songs on it and they're really good. I am waiting for them to get more CDs so I can buy one. :) So if you want to watch the show, they're down to 5 finalists, and it's on Tuesdays at 8pm on Fox. You'll get addicted too. (Oh, but you need TiVo to watch it - the commercial breaks and the host Ryan Seacrest are unbearable otherwise.) With all that cut out, the show is compressed to about 25 minutes. Much more efficient. So watch and VOTE FOR BO. Remember, if you watch, but don't vote, it's like stealing. - Another brillant comment by Ryan Seacrest.


  1. I don't watch much t.v. (I'm cable-less), but I did get in to Season 2--I was an over-the-top Clay fan. My friends last night were devastated over Constantine's elimination. It would be refreshing to have a rock singer win.

  2. I've been avoiding American Idol. It's too addictive.

  3. It is extremely addicting! Constantine's performance the other night *was* truly hideous, though - he's very hit or miss. I watched it with my friends Jasmine and Chris (hi guys!). It's much more fun to watch this show with other people...


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