Friday, April 29, 2005

Roid Rage Peanut

Watch out for Peanut. He's thirsty, bloated, and a little grumpy. That's right, he's on steroids. Yesterday's vet visit resulted in a prescription of prednisone and a new kind of food that's twice as expensive as his already snooty food. She thinks it might be a food allergy so he's now supposed to eat Potato and Duck food you can only buy at the vet (of course!) and costs $25 for 10#, which he will go through in about a week...

On the bright side, after one steroid pill, he's already less itchy and isn't bothering that hotspot. They had to shave the area around it so he has a little bald spot near his tail stub. Sad for Peanut, especially when all the relatives are coming into town next week to see him. (The wedding is just an extra bonus - everyone knows The Peanut is the important reason.)

If Spike needs to walk past Peanut, he finds a different "Peanut bypass" route, which takes him the farthest away from the Peanut. When Peanut is grumpy like this, and gives Spike the Peanut Eye, Spike knows to stay far, far away. I guess he's not as dumb as we thought :)

Jasmine invited us to walk the Race for the Cure in June. Unfortunately, they may not allow dogs. That's not right! Dogs are people too! We're trying to confirm that info. I know the dogs would enjoy it and Lord knows they need the exercise.

Since I'm working from home today, I better get back to some real work. I need to come up with an entry for my Microsoft blog as I promised to write in it weekly. It's much easier to write about Peanut, but somehow I don't think that would cut it.


  1. Aww, the poor doggy. I hate seeing animals suffer, even when it's a little thing like an allergy. Man, you sound like a great owner!

  2. Thanks! Peanut appreciates the sympathy too. But really, he's the most stoic dog ever - never lets you know that something is bothering him. So we have to be on the lookout for stuff like this...

  3. Lola's sorry to hear Peanut's suffered from allergies but hey, a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do to get on a gourmet diet right? She's just gone through the same thing -- broke out in bumps all over after switching from CN Lamb & Rice to Iams Minichunks, and now she's on ProPlan Sensitive Skin which I think is salmon-based. At least we've finally found something that works. I've got a great "glamour pose" of her I'll send you :)


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