Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sad Toasteroven Blues

Yikes, so I've already broken my promise to write here every day! But Blogger was acting weird on Friday so that's my excuse.

Yesterday I went down to Cicada and had the first fitting for my dress. It needs to be taken in at the waist (YAY!) and at the shoulders (YAY). There was a mixup and they had just gone ahead and made the whole dress, rather than waiting for the sari border my mom was going to bring back from India. They thought I was supposed to call them about it, while I maintain that they told me just to bring it to the fitting. Anyway, I didn't have to pitch a hissy fit - they offered to re-do the sash if I wanted, but it turns out the border actually looks good on the material they used. So it'll be just fine. While I love the dress, I didn't have any weird revelatory moments when I tried it on. Don't get me wrong, it looks good, but I guess I was hoping for some kind of magical effect. The fact I wasn't wearing any makeup at all and had to throw my hair in a ponytail probably didn't help either. At least I had time to take a shower after going to the gym. I suppose the hair and makeup on the wedding day will do it.

TJ and I finally dug out from under the pile of accumulating wedding presents in the entryway of our house. Boxes arrived every day last week, thanks to our generous relatives and friends - fun fun fun! TJ managed to break our new toasteroven on the first try yesterday. So I took it back to Macy's today and got its replacement, Toasteroven II. Many people at Redmond Town Center were impressed I could carry it all by myself (?!) - it only weighs about 10 lbs... It's much bigger and nicer than my trusty old Black n Decker that I bought 5 years ago in Tucson.

Peanut and Pogi are *finally* playing nice together. They got into a rousing game of "jump on your head" yesterday on the hardwood floor in the living room. They seem to be much better friends now, and Peanut isn't as upset about another big boy dog in the house. It's too bad Pogi is leaving us on Tuesday. Spike and Pogi have had a few faceoffs, usually with respect to the mailman toy. Spike will grab it, Pogi will chase after him, then Spike starts growling ferociously and barking like he's big. This disturbs Pogi greatly so he starts whining and yelping too. Oddly, though Pogi weighs at least 3x more than Spike, he won't take the toy from him. Peanut won't either. It's like Spike has some sort of secret ferocious power over the big dogs. Go BeagleMan!

We took all three boys to the park this morning. PARK PARK PARK! (I can say it here because the dogs can't hear me...) The ride there was interesting - Peanut and Pogi fussed at each other in the backseat and stuck their cold wet noses on us while Spike hung out with me in front and tried to shift gears for TJ. Needless to say, TJ wasn't very happy about this. We found 2 other Airedales at the park who wanted to play with Pogi. Peanut also tried to drown another dog in the river by climbing on him. TJ (lucky guy) had to go into the water in his jeans to get him out. That pretty much ended our day at the park. Everyone (including the people) came home and took a nap.

I got an outfit (well, half of an outfit) for the rehearsal dinner on May 6. Ann Taylor has a lot of lovely spring green items - my favorite shade of green, but unfortunately, nothing fit (and I tried on about 20 things). That made me sad, so I went over to Eileen Fisher, one of those stores that has more open space than clothes hanging inside. I knew it would be expensive, but after finding nothing in either Macy's or Ann Taylor, I was feeling belligerent. I ended up buying a very sheer white linen sweater with a lilac camisole. The skirt I want is being transferred next week from the downtown store (size Medium - woo hoo!) and is lilac silk, very floaty and long. A lot of the clothes in the store seem suited for older women (or maybe just people who hate bright colors and anything fitted) but after a lot of trying on, I found this outfit. And heck, I gotta buy something at a store where I can fit into a Small. Now I just need to make sure not to spill any of Shamiana's yummy Indian food on my outfit that day.

Since it's not raining, I'm going outside to tame the ivy-like jasmine plant thingy outside our front door. It creeps TJ out, and it's trying to take over the roof of our garage. You can hack it with the clippers and it just grows back. That's my kind of gardening.

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