Thursday, April 07, 2005


Pogi, our Airedale friend, has spent nearly 24 hours with us. The dogs seem to have reached some kind of agreement - Peanut says he's the biggest, and Spike runs away whenever Pogi cruises by. Yesterday there was some contention over peanut-butter dog cookies. Each dog got one. Spike ate his, Peanut ate his, and Pogi started to fling his around the room. (I'm not sure he realized it was for eating.) Peanut decided he was going to take it from Pogi and in the resulting dog altercation, the cookie was dropped and Spike swooped in to pick it up. Nice move, BeagleMan!

Last night was a little bit tough. I went to bed early and took Pogi with me, while Peanut and Spike stayed downstairs watching TV with TJ. When they came up to sleep, Peanut decided Pogi wasn't supposed to be there so they had a few dog face-offs and barking episodes. Eventually everyone settled down into their respective spot - Pogi across the room on the rug, Spike in his bed, and Peanut next to TJ on the floor. Every couple of hours, Peanut woke TJ up to remind him there was another dog here, and to ask for some petting. Highly unusual and I'm glad he wasn't on my side!

One of my favorite Pogi trick is asking him "Pogi, can you sing?" He starts up this awful yowling sound, not unlike Spike's beagle bay. On command. Fabulous. TJ hates this.  He thinks dogs should be quiet and still.

Things have suddenly gotten very quiet in the house. I better go see what's going on.

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