Sunday, May 29, 2005

Hold on to nothing, as fast as you can

Pretty good day today. I couldn't sleep again last night until about 3am. I bet the 2 hour nap in the afternoon threw everything out of whack (ya think?). We got up early today and made waffles again in our awesome waffle iron. I've been using the Krusteaz pancake mix, but next week I might get adventurous and make some from scratch. Our waffle iron came with a recipe for pumpkin nut waffles, just the name of which makes me drool, but I'm not sure TJ will eat those.

I finally finished and put away the laundry (which I started on Wednesday but somehow forgot about). I can't believe I used to do laundry in shared, coin-op machines. Or even worse, the summer during my internship at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center where I had to actually go to the laundromat. The luxury of having your own washer and dryer is a beautiful thing.

And we got through most of our Thank You notes. The end is in sight! I ran out of the stationery I had printed with our names, actually, I ran out of envelopes and for some reason we have about 4 extra notecards. But since I'm a stationery junkie, I had plenty of backup to use for the rest. I used to love writing real letters to people. Now the only thing I write is Thank You notes and occasional letters to my grandmother in India and my grandfather in New Jersey. Everything else is email, which is a little sad. It's so cool to get a real letter in the mailbox.

Speaking of nice personal mail, we got a wedding invitation to our friend Ron's wedding. We went to college with Ron. He lives near us but sadly, we never see him due to bad schedules and stuff. I'm sure that's not going to improve any once I start taking classes... Anyway, congratulations to Ron and Allison!

And speaking of other cool wedding-related things, I found out that the only two friends I keep in touch with from high school have both gotten engaged over the last couple of months. Judy got engaged to Kevin in February (congrats again, guys!) and Judy got a rockin' Tiffany engagement ring (nice work Kevin!). They live in Atlanta. Judy was the first person I met when I went to orientation for Canevin High School in Pittsburgh. They split up the freshman class by zip code so I guess it was by chance I met her. We've more or less kept in touch since graduation and it's convenient that my parents now live in Savannah, just a couple of hours from where Judy and Kevin live. So I've seen them several times in the last few years. No matter how long it's been, Judy and I can pick up where we left off and there's no weirdness. I guess that's the mark of a true friend. Congratulations to Judy and Kevin!

The other person who got engaged was Kristine, a friend I met later in high school when we were stuck in Chemistry class together with the strange Mrs. Rockwell. Kristine and Mike have been dating for a while - I think she met him in dental school. The cool thing is that they got engaged in Seattle while they were out here for my wedding. Woo hoo! Congratulations, guys!

So there's lots of happiness in the air: babies, weddings, etc. On that shiny happy note, I should get some sleep. Or begin reading about the Java Programming Language.


  1. Hi there, just wanted to give you huge thank you for using my code on SMUGMUG. I have been busy with my son's 3rd birthday party celebrations this weekend and only just now found out you used my code! What a nice surprise for a Monday morning *yawn*

    My kids are about to wake up or I would read more from your blog. I will read more later though. 8-)

    Congratulations on your marriage! Your pictures are great. You look so happy and your home is just beautiful!! (love your dogs too!)


  2. cari - Thanks for posting your code online! It was great to save some $$ on the subscription - I love the site!


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