Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I don't know why she swallowed that fly

Since I am taking CSE 143 at UW starting June 20, I need to review the materials for CSE 142 since it's Java stuff I haven't seen in about 5 years. Fortunately I took an intensive Java course at Sun Microsystems while I was working at Deloitte so a lot of this stuff is coming back to me.

It's nice to write programs again. Even dumb ones that just print lines of text to the screen. Tomorrow I need to work on the "Draw Rocket" program. For those of you interested in checking out the programming assignments, look at the CSE 142 Website.

I went to UW Bothell today to meet with an Admissions Adviser re: applying to the B.S. program. She went through my transcript from college and that was painful. She wrote down the grades for my "Calculus" courses, which Caltech decides just to call "Freshman Mathematics" and "Sophomore Mathematics", for all 6 freakin' quarters. They were the hardest courses I ever took but from the titles you'd think we were learning how to count on our fingers! Well of course my grades were horrible. I eventually managed to Pass the 3 quarters of Freshman Mathematics (no grades given) and then got 2 Ds and a C in Sophomore Mathematics. So the adviser says she's not sure they'll admit me. Arghhhh. She did allude to Caltech being a hard school, so hopefully the CSS faculty will pick up on that. I guess I can't do much but apply and cross my fingers. Boo to Caltech! Boo to Math 1 and 2! Boooooo!


  1. Hang on, Anandi, there's plenty of hope. Have a Caltech faculty member you like write or make a phone call on your behalf. Usually that's all it takes. Everybody makes mistakes during their undergrad years. To be denied admission because of a few lousy grades sucks. Also, write a brief letter, coming from a position of strength, explaining how those bad grades helped you become a better student.

  2. what the ?
    how can they possibly not admit you?

    you're smart, and your beautiful, and goddammit people like you.

    er, well, the relevant part is you're smart.

  3. also, didn't you get into grad school? Wouldn't it be the supreme irony that you got into PhD programs but are being grilled about your grades wrt a BS program?

  4. Vavoom - thanks for the tip. Sadly the only professor I still keep in touch with actively is a History prof. But I have sent off an email to the admissions counselor abour getting in touch w/ someone on the actual admissions committee.

    Suz - Thanks :) Yes, I think it's odd that the same university that accepted me for a Top 20 (Top 10?) Biology PhD program is giving me grief about getting into a B.S. program at one of their regional campuses. I'm going to apply anyway and see what comes out of it. Perhaps I'm stressing out too much over this...

  5. You will figure out a way to make things work out--I know you will!

    The song title is old but I cannot place it. I'm tempted to Google.

  6. Hey An: Sorry to hear about the grief from the admissions advisor. That really bites, but as someone else mentioned, there should be a way for you to get in by having a Caltech faculty member vouch for those courses. I think you could get whoever's the currently Ma1a prof to just write a note if you explain your situation.

    A friend of mine had been studying at Columbia's School of Dentistry (a top program) and wanted to transfer to UW's program to be closer to her husband but was denied because the admissions person there claimed that since she had already gotten into Columbia, she'd effectively be "taking away the opportunity" of someone who could only get into UW. Weird logic if you ask me. Wouldn't you want top students? Anyway, hang in there, it'll all work out.

    On a different note, here's a recent article on hyphenated names from USA Today I saw recently. See, it seems you made the right choice :P

    We're headed to Atlanta tomorrow after already haven driven 5500 miles so far. Wish us luck...

  7. thc - I don't actually know the song title. It's more of a kids nursery rhyme/song thing.

    leslie - thanks for the article - very interesting! my new social security card should be showing up in the next few weeks. then i'll start the pain of changing everything over to my new name. how's lolabelle?

  8. Anandi: Can you get a letter from a faculty member you knew in graduate school? Better yet, do you think you can find one that'll make a call for you? Even your history prof. will do. You need an academic jock to vouch for you. I promise, it'll make a big difference. Try and call up the Caltech prof. you took those math classes from. Explain your situation. If he writes a letter that explains why that grade shouldn't be indicative of your abilities as a student, that'll do it. Again, a brief letter to the admissions committee can make a big difference. Academic redemption is a powerful theme, one that admissions committees don't take lightly.

  9. Anandi: I would imagine undergrad calculus courses from Caltech are like Master's-level courses from UW. What the heck are they thinking?!!

    Vavoom: You give good advice, man!

  10. Why do you want another degree? Aren't you satisfied with the 14 degrees you already have? Kristin


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