Sunday, June 05, 2005

I found this photograph, underneath broken picture glass

I got a new toy today!! I've been vaguely wanting a new digital camera for a while. Mine's about 5 years old and huge, compared to most. it works fine, so I feel vaguely bad about coveting a new one. But that's always how it is with portable electronics, isn't it?

After making waffles for Dave and Dave (no blog), we played a rockin' game of Trivial Pursuit. Dave (no blog) kicked our sorry butts. I had the least pie pieces. Boo to Genus III. Not surprisingly, we all earned the brown (science! poo!) pie first. After TP, TJ mentioned Fry's and Dave (no blog) was willing to drive since we didn't know exactly where it was. TJ wanted a new motherboard for our dead computer, and I went along in the hopes of finding a camera. Yay impulse purchase. Fry's is fairly amazing. I never noticed that when I lived in CA. It's like the Mecca of Electronics. There were about 50 different digital cameras to choose from. Craziness. I narrowed it down to a tiny Casio Exilim and the Canon Powershot SD20, which had the added bonus of coming in multiple colors.

So my new camera is tiny and RED. How cool is that? The actual color is "garnet", to be precise, so Kristin will especially appreciate it. I figured I could spend some of my wedding money on it. I think it's the same one Dave and Kim have.

I've played around enough with it to set the date and time, and take several pictures of Spike and Peanut. We're going to the park this evening so I'll take a few more.

Woo hoo, off to the PARK! BITECHU!


  1. Okay, I'm mildly envious of you totin' around a red digital camera.

    I suck at Trivial Pursuit, except for any geography-related question, but I kick butt--appropriately--at Ms Pac Man.

  2. MS Pac Man rocks!! But I'm not that good at it.

    The red camera is working out nicely. It doesn't have a viewfinder - you have to use the LCD screen, but it seems to take really good pictures. I got some great ones of the dogs at the park the other day.

  3. I'm in the same boat with raine. I'm no good at trivial pursuit, but I'm surprisingly good at Pac Man.

    Sounds like a great camera. You'll have to put up some fun pictures of your pets when you get the chance.

  4. My highest score on Ms Pac Man--and I have to be using the machine that has her on speed--is, like, 190,000.

    I also rock at Space Invaders. I used to babysit for someone who had a table arcade-type machine of it. I've actually played the game from start to end to start again. It gets very boring after a while, though, lol.


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