Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Peanut and his shadow

Here's one of the first pictures I took with my new camera, at the park on Saturday. We went late in the evening and I thought it would be neat to take some pictures of the long shadows. There was also a rainbow that day but you can only see it in the really large pictures.

TJ's new Laptopasaurus showed up today. It's *huge*. But it has 4 USB ports, compared to the measly 1 that my Dell laptop has. Not to mention a DVD drive. Our new PC should be here next week. Of course, TJ fixed our old one for $40 with the new motherboard he bought at Fry's. :( But that's ok, now we have 2 PCs. If I actually get into the CSS B.S. program, it'll be nice to have one Linux machine since some of the programming courses seem to require it.

Well, back to my "Calculating Admissions Stats" program. I'm on Exercise 4 of 9 that I have to finish before my class starts on June 20...


  1. Is that Marymoor Park? It's been a while since I've been there.

  2. Nice photo. That's a pretty high computer per capita ratio you guys have got going.

  3. raine - yup, it's the off-leash area at Marymoor. I think it might be Dog Heaven there.

    thc - that's not even half the story. When our new PC shows up, we'll have 3 working PCs, 2 working laptops, and one dead laptop. Yes, we are geeks :)


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