Tuesday, July 19, 2005

All over this land

More studying for my midterm, which is tomorrow. I had to run a really important meeting at work today, where I got all the leads together to help me select the customers to participate in the technology adoption program I'm running for our next release of Speech Server. Check out my work blog at the right if you want to know more about it (I'll update that one tomorrow, I swear!).

Anyway, the really important meeting meant that I was at work until 11:30pm last night preparing and didn't get to study at all yesterday. So I'm playing catch up now, and will do that tomorrow morning as well. I think I know my stuff, but I keep getting tripped up by dumb mistakes like not checking for null or the stupid inheritance/casting thing that I just don't quite get (stupid runtime errors). The good news is that the TAs completed the exam in 35 minutes, which Benson (our instructor) deemed to be too long, and made the questions shorter/easier. We have 2 hours for the exam, so there's no way I should run out of time, which means I can go through all the questions slowly and carefully and double-check everything. Making careless mistakes has been the bane of my existence through my entire school career. The good news is that I got another 20/20 on Assignment 4.

Rock Star:Inxs was awesome as usual, though Dave Navarro and Brooke Burke are especially grating on my nerves. And someone needs to give INXS some kind of spine -they had only nice comments for everyone, including Neil, who absolutely sucked. Bryan Adams must be appalled at Neil's version of "Summer of '69".

Well, off to vote for my favorite rock star and hit the books again. Wish me luck!

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