Thursday, July 21, 2005

An encore - do you want more?

I'm such a dork. All that worrying for next to no reason. I got my midterm back today and got 145/150, thanks to the 5 bonus points on the exam for the last question - "Tell us a funny story or a joke, or draw a picture of your TA". I was going to tell the e^x joke but just ran out of time so I drew a poor stick figure of Gary, my TA. So really I missed 10 points which is more than I would have liked, but half of those are due to me being really rushed at the end, and the dumb mistakes that come from that (like forgetting to return the value at the end of the function, forgetting to compare the data fields in a linked list instead of the pointer to the node, etc.).

So all in all, I'm pleased. 5 points were actual items I didn't know - like that you can't just cast a primitive to a wrapper class object directly - you have to create a new Object. Also, that the compiler is able to tell when you cast incorrectly in the inheritance tree (across branches for example).

Back to regularly scheduled programming (pun intended).


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  2. You might've gotten negative bonus points for the e^x joke if your TA couldn't get it :P

    Have you heard someone's come up with a new (improved) periodic table? Check out Edray's blog. (Knew of/remember him?) Scroll down to the bottom:

    the periodic table

  3. Hee hee. I'm sure my TA would have gotten it - he's definitely a math geek. He brought up proof by induction when we talked about recursion and I almost threw up as it reminded me of the first time Caltech made me feel completely incompetent...

    That periodic table is so cool. Edray's blog rocks - I have it linked on mine. He was my math tutor for Math 2 and the only reason I passed. He's so smart it's frightening.


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