Thursday, July 07, 2005

I believe in peace, bitch

Hint - I was listening to Tori today in the car. I don't love her new album. In fact, I thought it was bad, until approx track 9 which sounds like a song she wrote for her daughter. After that, there were several good songs in a row. So I guess this is one of those "Don't listen to any of the tracks before track x" CDs, like Cowboy Junkies' Open.

Another 20/20 on CSE 143 Assignment 2. Yay! I turned in Assignment 3 today. Assignment 4 is pretty cool - it uses something called Erasthothene's (sp?) Sieve to pull out prime numbers from a list from 2 to n where n can be very large. It looks fairly easy to write so hopefully I can get it out of the way this weekend. Plus I just dig the idea of stacks and queues. It appeals to my "I want to be a mailman" side.

And today Dave (no blog) alerted me to something very cool. Kenny Rogers is coming to the Emerald Queen Casino on Saturday. So I had to get us some tickets. Boo-yah! I've never seen him live and I've liked his music since I was about 3 years old. I'm *so* excited!

Oh, and today I'm going to get a haircut from the awesome Lindsay at Paule Attar Salon. She did my hair for the wedding, and did the red highlights as well. She totally rocks. I'm hoping she can suggest a cute summer haircut. It'll grow back, right?

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  1. Put up a picture of the new hair! KB


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