Thursday, July 07, 2005

She's all I'll ever need

OK, cheesy lyric.

But Oh, MY GOD. I went to get a haircut today from Lindsay. She is THE BEST. She knows what I want for my hair even when *I* don't know what I want. She just gave it a scrunchy faced look for a couple of minutes and told me what she was going to do in that hair cutting language I don't really understand, and I was like "OK" and she worked her magic and I have the most amazing haircut I've had in possibly all of my life. (I know, some of you will see me and think, that's not so cool, but I swear it's because I am a dolt when it comes to doing my own hair.) Today it is truly perfect. And seems *easy* to do. No precision blow-drying trying to balance round brush, paddle brush and hair dryer. No curling iron or straightening iron required. Just some goo, and a diffuser on the end of my blow dryer and voila - the coolest short wavy summer hair.

My hair is the shortest it's been in the last 7 years but I am so happy with it. I hadn't had a good hair day of my own creation in a long time. As much as I *like* long hair in principle, it just doesn't work with my lifestyle and my hair styling-challenged self. I need wash and go, or at least wash, goo, random hairdrying and go.

Well, back to admiring my new hair in the mirror. Just kidding!


  1. Cool. When the time comes for my haircut, I'll have to ask you for the referral. Like I've been doing for everything else since I got here :P

    Spike's definitely cute enough for the calendar cover by the way.

    I found Seattle french bulldog group that gets togethr at a different park every month. Geez, can you imagine 30 of these critters all running around?

  2. Yes, I am happy to refer you to Lindsay. In fact, I'm happy to refer everyone to Lindsay!

    I'm not surprised about the French Bulldog group. Spike has been to a couple of beagle events - in fact, there's one coming up on July 31st - Beaglefest 2005!

    Seattle is a very dog-friendly city, I think.


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