Monday, July 04, 2005

Mexican kids are shooting fireworks below

Hey, baby, it's the fourth of July! (Ok, I know, that's an easy one.) Points to you if you can name the band.

I'm so happy to have the extra day off this weekend. Today will be a "wifely" sort of day, with cooking, ironing and Java programming on the agenda. I spent $107 at the grocery store yesterday so I finally have stuff to eat at home.

I made enchiladas yesterday, for the first time ever, with a recipe supposedly from Jessica Alba, in Self magazine. The recipe was somewhat light on details. How do you shred boiled chicken? I just settled for tearing it up into small bits. They also didn't mention you should bake the enchiladas with foil over the pan, and mine got sort of overbaked and dried out on top. But they still taste great. That's why I love Mexican and Indian food - stuff is all mixed together, and for the most part, you don't have to worry about presentation. And even if it's ugly, it still tastes yummy. It was pretty easy, since I bought the canned enchilada sauce and used the Tillamook Mexican blend shredded cheese. The hard part was rolling up the corn tortillas without breaking them - the trick is to put them in the microwave between 2 paper towels for 30 sec. In small stacks or flat, not one big stack of 12, as I found out.

We were going to watch fireworks tonight at our friend Dave's place, but I realized we'd have to leave the dogs at home, and they'd hear our crazy neighbors shooting off fireworks in their yard. Both Spike and Peanut get pretty agitated about loud noises like that so we thought it might be better to stay home with them. Plus, Spike made them lose their "inside-while-we're-not-home" privileges by having an accident on the carpet a couple of months ago. (We don't have a dog door, and he couldn't wait till we got home).

So we'll probably grill the steaks I bought yesterday, roast some corn on the cob and hang out on our deck since it looks like today will be gorgeous. Happy Independence Day everyone!


  1. you shred boiled chicken with two forks pulling the meat in opposite directions. you will notice a change in texture that makes the dish seem more authentic than if you cut the chicken.

    Happy 4th!

  2. An - You inspired me to be wifely, too, even though I am not actually a wife. I made the world's biggest lasagna today with squash from my friend's garden and lots of other veggies. Feel free to come by and have some. K$

  3. Jon - brilliant! I think I also needed to boil the chicken for the full 15 minutes and that would have made it easier to pull apart like you mention. (Now a big mystery has been cleared up for me!)

    K$ - sounds yummy. Being wifely is sometimes fun. I didn't quite get to the ironing, though :(

  4. My parents boil chicken a lot, though it's free range chicken, so it's got a much different texture. Anyway, they often shred it by carving out large pieces with a carving knife and then shredding the pieces by hand.

  5. I hope you had a wonderful Independence Day! And I have no idea on the song, it doesn't even sound familiar. Maybe I'm getting old.


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