Saturday, July 02, 2005

We've got these chains hanging around necks

Bonus points if you can guess that one - it just popped into my head from a long time ago - I haven't listened to it in ages.

My strange internal barometer is acting up again. I've noticed when the weather changes from sunny and clear to cloudy, I get a killer sinus headache. Which is unfortunate because the past several weeks have been alternating between lovely and crappy weather.

I had plans with Nikki today to have brunch and see "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" which neither TJ nor Mike would go anywhere near. So I downed an Advil and a Claritin before leaving the house. I think it's ok to take those together, but then again, maybe not. I was fine for most of the day and added a 32oz diet Coke to the mix during the movie.

Then, while I was shopping in Nordstrom after the movie (can't go to downtown Seattle without making a trip to the Great Nordstrom in the sky), I started feeling *really* bad - dizzy, nauseous and kind of fuzzy-headed. (more so than usual, anyway). I knew I should just leave then as I had a 10 minute walk to the car and a 25 minute drive home, but the irrational shopper in me won out and I wandered around some more. I did find the pair of black sandals I needed, 2 pairs of cute capri pants and a couple of tank tops to match some skirts I own.

By then I was feeling really, really bad and called TJ to come and pick me up. But there was no answer so rather than lying down and napping in the "Women's Lounge" (what do they expect us to do in there, anyway??) I decided to brave the trip home, where my awesome bed with the nice cool white sheets was waiting. After a very annoying 30 minutes, where I hoped I wouldn't throw up and/or fall asleep in the car, I got home safely (thanks to Whoever was looking out for me today) and crashed for a couple of hours in the aforementioned amazing bed.

I feel much better now. I'm not sure what happened. Maybe Advil, Claritin, and large amounts of caffeine don't mix? Weird. I'm still kind of tired and woozy so I don't plan to start any major organizing projects this evening.

The movie was good, by the way. I absolutely loved the book, even though I'm about 15 years older than the target audience. The movie took some liberties to make it a little more Hollywood, but still did a fairly good job with the emotional parts without being too cheesy. There was a lot of cheese-potential there. Plus, I got to see a preview for the 4th Harry Potter movie. YAY.

Back to bed to see if the sinus goo will go away.


  1. Aaagh! I wish we were in the same city. I totally want to see that movie, and don't have any appropriate movie buddies for that movie. I might go see it by myself.

  2. Barenaked Ladies, though I don't know the title of the song. I hope you're OK-- a weird bug of some kind?

  3. Suz - I wish you were here too. I've succeeded in getting Leslie to move back here - maybe you're next on the list? ;)

    thc - Thanks, I'm fine now. I think it's just a weird sinus/allergy thing.

  4. thc -

    you're right about the song. Unfortunately I don't remember the title, thanks to the wonderful world of CDs :).

  5. I think it is "What A Good Boy" - anyhow, hope you're feeling better. We'll miss you at the fireworks.


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