Thursday, June 30, 2005

School's out till summer

Well, not really. I just turned in Assignment 2 for my CSE 143 programming class. This one was much easier than the first assignment. I'm glad to be done with it, though, since we've already gotten assignment 3, which deals with linked lists, and I'm still trying to grok that concept. I'll spend some quality time on that assignment this weekend - it's just not feasible for me to expect to be able to do a whole lot of work on weeknights since I just want to come home and relax after a long day at work.

Nathalie, a co-worker of mine, and I walked along the Sammamish River Trail today for an hour after work. It was a beautiful day and really nice to get *some* exercise even if I wasn't sweating or anything. I think I have to ease back into it so I don't hate it too much. We saw a group doing a "boot camp" workout with a personal trainer and I was soooo glad I wasn't part of it. I'm just in no mood for intense workouts now, which is really too bad since I was doing quite well before the wedding, and *almost* enjoying myself at the gym.

I am really looking forward to the long weekend and relaxing, cooking and eating good stuff. I'm craving vegetables which almost certainly means my eating habits have been completely horrible. Thanks to Jon and Leslie for making suggestions about the food and balancing out the crazy schedule. I've also got to kick this diet Coke habit. I've been drinking around 32 oz a day and almost no water. At least it doesn't have calories.

I skipped my quiz section today. Bad girl. I ruined my perfect attendance record in the second week. I just really needed that time for myself this morning - I finished the last bits of the assignment and got some work done as well, preparing for a big meeting I had to run today. I finally feel sort of caught up at work (or at least not behind) so maybe tomorrow i'll spend some time putting together that project plan I've been avoiding...

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  1. Sounds like an interesting class, Anandi. Don't worry about the quiz section... I always skip those!


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