Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Ain't no use in complaining, when you got a job to do

In my zeal to pack extremely light for my short trip to Savannah, I left my camera at home. Nevermind that it's tiny and weighs hardly anything. I didn't really regret the decision until I got to the Savannah airport yesterday to get on my flight back home.

As soon as I walked into the airport, I saw 3 rows of about 20 chairs each filled with teenaged boys, all staring straight ahead, not moving or talking. They looked like kids on a field trip being punished for something. Then I saw an older guy in an Army dress uniform standing next to them. I went to the USO counter to ask what they were doing, and it turns out these guys were brand new Army enlistees on their way to Beaufort, SC to start their training. Yikes. They were *so* young and it made me very sad to see them. I'm sure some of them were there because they genuinely want to serve their country, but I'd guess a good number of them were there because they didn't have any other options - no job and no money for college. What an awful time to be in that position.

Sometimes I think we should have mandatory military service for *everyone* (men and women) like they do in Israel or South Africa or any number of other countries. I hate the idea that folks with enough money can just avoid military service altogether while poor kids who don't have other options are sometimes forced to choose it. Maybe that makes me a Communist. I just don't feel like I did anything special to have been born into a family that could provide for me more than adequately. I also think it's dumb that boys have to register for the draft but girls don't. For true equality in this country in all aspects, we women need to be willing to sign up for the unpleasant stuff too.

Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now. I added a ticker to the very bottom of the page to detail my progress towards my weight loss goal. My motivation is our trip to Hawaii next year. I can't go until I'm at my goal. Unfortunately, in the last 8 weeks I've consistently gained weight so I'm actually pretty far from where I want to be. On the other hand, my ultimate goal is a number I haven't ever weighed as an adult so I'm not sure if it's even humanly possible...

Today Lisa and I signed up for the Extreme Body Makeover class at the Pro Club for September. I'm more than a little frightened by the thought of having to be at the gym at 6:15am but at least I have the guilt of letting Lisa down to motivate me.

Though I don't know her personally (love the Internet!), I am super-inspired by Gina's blog. I think I will institute my own version of the Challenge, and commit to 100 workouts by the end of the year.

Wish me luck!

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  1. I totally agree with your comments about military service.I think all young men and women should serve for a minimum period of 2 years.When I applied for immigration in 1967 I had to get a draft card.They did not call me as I was close to 25 years !!I wish Arvind will enlist to get the discipline he sorely needs.


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