Sunday, August 21, 2005

On a dirt road that is soon to be paved

Hello from Savannah! It's terribly hot and humid here and it reminded me of why I usually don't visit my parents in the summer.

My mom came home from the hospital today and seems to be doing well. Yay! They are now watching our wedding video for the 2nd time so I had to escape. Since TJ and I watched it last week, I have no desire to see it again. It's kind of embarrassing to watch yourself on camera.

Back to Seattle tomorrow, and back to work. (A short week anyway.) I did fairly ok on my CSE143 final - 163/180, but I'm not sure if it was enough to get the 4.0 I was shooting for. Definitely a 3.9 at least, but since I'm a perfectionist... Grades should be posted next week. I'm really glad my 5 days a week trek to UW is over, though!

More when I return home!

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