Saturday, August 13, 2005

I hate myself for loving you

That lyric goes out to CSE143. Due to my obsessive nature, and the general allure of the programming/debugging cycle, I have spent the last 12 hours trying to get my last homework assignment right. OK, I took a break of about an hour and a half total to get something to eat, sell my toaster oven to a guy who saw the ad in the Micronews, and shower. Other than that I've been holed up in the bedroom, which is the only room with an air conditioner, working on this program.

TJ, in his infinite wisdom, suggested using one of our breakfast-in-bed trays for my laptop since it gets so hot. Thanks Jasmine & Chris for this multi-tasking wedding present!! I wish I had figured this out much earlier in the day. My husband (hee hee) is so helpful and smart. Maybe one day he'll read my blog...

Tomorrow I may attempt the extra credit portion of the assignment. I'm not sure yet, as I'm still annoyed by how long it took me to do the regular parts of the problem, plus I've still got to study for Friday's final.

UW Bothell is waiting for my grade in CSE 143 before they let me know whether I've been admitted. So I guess I'll find out the week after next whether I get in.

Peanut has to wear The Cone aka the Elizabethan collar, this weekend to keep him from bothering the wicked hotspots on both of his back feet and an allergic reaction on his chin. He is such a great dog- he got used to it really quickly and is tearing around the house like the cone doesn't even bother him. What a trooper. Spike is terrified of the Conehead Peanut, and gives him a very wide berth. He seems very worried about getting trapped in the cone, which has the bitey end of the Peanut.

Today is Judy's birthday. Judy and I went to Canevin High School together, and met 18 years ago almost to the day. She was the first person I met at Orientation, and one of only 2 people I still keep in touch with from high school. Happy Birthday Judy!

TJ and I had a lovely breakfast at the Original Pancake House in Kirkland today. I guess the secret is to call ahead and get your name on the list, and show up before 9am. The buckwheat pancakes were YUM, as usual.

Question of the day: Do Canadians refer to Canadian bacon as "bacon"? Then what do they call regular bacon?


  1. Nothing like a good Catholic education...

  2. Yup. To make it even better, Judy and I weren't even Catholic. Some of the old nuns would look at me every time they mentioned the word 'pagan'. Very amusing.


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