Sunday, August 07, 2005

Never comprehending the race had long gone by

So as I suspected (and as TJ has been telling me for weeks - I should listen to him more), going to the gym this morning made my blah mood disappear. Instantly. Apparently 30 minutes sweating on the elliptical is the magical cure. I guess is shouldn't surprise me.

We made waffles this morning in the fancy waffle iron we got for a wedding present (thanks Carey!) and invited Dave (no blog) and Ginger, his Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Ginger is as big as The Peanut so we wanted to see how they'd get along in the house, as Peanut sometimes takes a while to warm up to other big dogs in his space. They mostly ignored each other. Ginger decided to harass Spike a little by following him around and boxing him into corners. He showed her some ferocious teeth and before things got too out of hand (for Spike, anyway), TJ let him hang out on the couch. But otherwise, the experiment went well.

The other experiment I did was mixing in fresh blueberries into the waffle batter. I got the blueberries in the last Pioneer Organics delivery and wasn't sure what to do with a whole pint. The blueberry waffles turned out great, except for some burnt blueberry residue in the waffle iron. I've also eaten the blueberries with the ginger ice cream I bought - talk about YUM. And did you know the actual fruit part of blueberries is sort of greenish? I think the skin is the only blue part. Weird. Oh, and neither Spike nor Peanut will eat one, which is surprising because so far, the only things they won't eat are raw mushrooms, raw onion (which is bad for dogs anyway) and lettuce.

Peanut's got another hot spot on his foot, unfortunately. Hopefully we won't need to bring out The Cone. It's supposed to be really hot here all week, which will probably make it worse. Poor puppy.

Congratulations to Kristin on her new job. Sad for me, she'll be moving back across the country. I have to figure out when to see her before she goes. Which will be extra-challenging since I have literally no vacation days left. Boo.

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