Saturday, August 06, 2005

Keep on drivin'

I got a speeding ticket today. The second one in 2 years from the illustrious Bellevue police. Boo. Yes, I was screamin' down Bel-Red Rd doing 48 in a 35-mph zone. But honestly, why, between downtown Bellevue and my house, does the speed limit change from 30 to 35 to 40 to 45 in a < 5 mile stretch? And it's not like I was driving recklessly or anything. I think I'm doomed to one speeding ticket per year, so I guess I should just suck it up. This after getting a manicure and pedicure. So much for the relaxing spa trip.

Got taken in by the Starbucks marketing machine today and bought the Antigone Rising CD. I guess they caught me in a weak moment because I've never bought a CD before without hearing a single song. They're a chick band who write their own songs. Kinda rockin, kinda mellow. It's surprisingly good. Plus it's got a track co-written by Rob Thomas. Their lead singer Cassidy has a very familiar-sounding voice but I can't quite place it yet.

Oh, and sometime next week, UPS will deliver two new CDs to me: the soundtrack to Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which has a ton of great female singer-songwriters on it, and Nightwish, a sort of metal-ish band from Finland which I can only describe (poorly) as a cross between Evanescence and Queensryche.

Dre's baby is due in 10 days or so. Yay! We've offered to pick up her dog Norm when she and Dave go to the hospital. Norm is a big mellow guy and gets along well with Peanut, though he's not afraid to stand up for himself if need be. (Which says a lot about Norm. Not many dogs stand up to The Peanut.)

We had a bunch of friends over for poker last night - first time in a while. Actually, first time since before the wedding, I think. It was a lot of fun, and I came in second, winning $60. Pretty sweet, since I wasn't really playing to win at all - I just like having friends over and chatting w/ everyone during the game. John won again (for the 3rd time - he wins every time he's played @ our house).

Fun weekend. I'm trying to figure out how to get some stuff done around the house given the major case of the blahs that has overcome me. The good news is that I've stuck with Weight Watchers for 6 days now, which is *way* better than I've done in a while. And I'm not starving. Yay.

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  1. one of these days I will learn poker.I heard it is a lot of fun especially if you bluff when you have a poor hand !!


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