Thursday, August 04, 2005

I laughed and shook his hand

So much for the diligent show recap idea... It was just too hard to type and watch Tuesday's performance show at the same time, and I didn't want to watch it twice (I'm not *that* obsessive, really!).

But I must say that Jordis absolutely blew me away with her performance of "The Man Who Sold the World". I stand corrected, as this is not a Nirvana song, but originally written by David Bowie. She was so good that I have had the song in my head for the last 2 days now (with her voice, not Kurt Cobain's, which is a good thing.)

In a twist of very smart marketing, you can buy individual songs from the show on MSN Music. So that's definitely on my list to download, along with Ty's performance of "Everybody Hurts" from last week. I'll probably buy every song that Jordis performs, except for the Hoobastank one, which is just too annoying to listen to, Jordis or not.

My CSE143 class is winding down, and I still haven't heard from UW Bothell regarding admission to their program. I'm so impatient! But I think I'll hear the decision in the next week or two. It'll be nice to be done with classes for a while. The 5 days a week schedule is grating on me a bit - especially since the traffic seems to be getting worse.

TJ and I are hosting a poker night for a bunch of alums from Ruddock House next month. Woo hoo! I wonder if we'll get a lot of folks from out of town? If so, it'll be a nice sort-of reunion thingy.

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