Monday, September 19, 2005

Better than anything else that I've tried

Spike and Peanut each got a new toy this weekend. Spike got the small blue Cuz and Peanut got the giant green Cuz. I selected the colors carefully at Urban Dogs in Bell Square last weekend because I read somewhere blue and green are the only colors dogs can see. Based on the prices I've seen on the Internet, it appears I got ripped off. It's such a cute store, though, and Spike and Peanut loooooove their new toys.

Actually they both love the small blue Cuz since it squeaks easier and the green one is too heavy for either of them to easily pick up. But Peanut is learning the difference between his "green toy" and Spike's "squeaker" and Spike seems to be catching on too (sort of. as much as a beagle can, I guess).

There was some toy contention today, but Spike held his ground, growled at the Peanut, and the Peanut backed off. Go Spike!!

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