Thursday, September 15, 2005

By my side

Ick. I've been sick for over a week and a half now and am so tired of being confined to the house. Unfortunately I'm too tired to do anything but check email occasionally and watch TV, and nap.

Rock Star: INXS was a *huge* disappointment last night. They cut Suzie loose, and she's clearly the best singer in the bunch. I don't understand that rationale, unless they were never going to choose a woman (which seems likely). Now I'm not sure I care to watch the finale as I genuinely have no preference between MiG, Marty and J.D. MiG sucked last night -- I can't believe he got to stay.

Spike is sleeping on the floor next to the computer and is vigorously wagging his tail in his sleep. I'm glad he's happy. We slept in Dog Bed last night and it was somewhat unpleasant with Spike trying to push me off the bed, and Peanut constantly getting in and out of the bed, and swatting me to "ask" each time if he could get in the bed. I guess that's a testament to TJ's good training, but heck, at 3am, just get in the bed and be quiet about it!

Well, time for another nap. I'm a little stressed about missing a week of work, but I need to relax in order to get better. Boo.


  1. Feel better, An! --Kristine

  2. Thanks!! Congrats on the new job Kristine!


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