Saturday, September 17, 2005

A little piece of heaven

I'm listening to a horrendous remix of Roxette's (?) "Listen to Your Heart" on XM Radio. I was trying to stay in touch with "music these days" by listening to the Top 20 Hits channel. Most of the songs are R&B crap. I did hear a couple of decent rap songs, and some crappy pseudo-rock (a la 3 Doors Down, etc.)

I lost two pounds this week. Woo hoo!

I was a little afraid since Leslie, TJ, and I went out to dinner at Ibiza Dinner Club with Paul, a Caltech friend from Portland we haven't seen in years, and his lovely wife Trista who we'd never met before. It was a fun time. The food wasn't spectacular, but it was good, and rich. We got a bunch of tapas to share. Except for TJ who just got a big old steak. Try the churros for dessert - they look like they're made out of Play-Doh but they're really, really good. Especially when dipped in the chocolate sauce.

Leslie mentioned the restaurant looked like places in Miami, which is the kind of look they're going for, according to the reviews I read. It wasn't as full of the "beautiful people" as I thought it would be. Maybe they show up later in the evening, when the band starts. There were some bouncer guys out front when we left, with the velvet ropes set up (and absolutely no one in line!).

TJ went to the track again today, and is going back tomorrow. Zoom!

I'm still getting over this stupid cough. I did get out of the house today to get a haircut and manicure so I look much more presentable now. Let me repeat: Lindsay at Paule Attar is a genius when it comes to hair. If I ever become really, really rich like Oprah, I will pay Lindsay handsomely to be my Andre.

I have a full day of grocery shopping and cooking ahead of me tomorrow. Here's what's on the menu: Tex-Mex mac n' cheese, chipotle turkey and corn soup, another zucchini/mushroom/onion quiche (I devoured a whole one over the past week), green bean and tomato salad. Except for the quiche, all of the recipes are from the September issue of Cooking Light magazine. (Thanks Muffie and Karen for the awesome wedding present!).

If I'm feeling ok, I may go for a walk outside - it's been weeks since I got any exercise. The Extreme Body Makeover class just isn't going to work out for me this month (sorry Lisa!) as I'm still trying to get rid of this cough and it's already week 3, and I haven't been to a single class yet. Except for the first one where they took our measurements.

What are your Sunday plans?

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