Monday, September 26, 2005

He said she reminds him of me

Well, it's week 4 of the Cough that Won't Go Away. How annoying. I haven't been to the gym in the entire month of September. I can feel my muscles wasting away. I guess I should be happy that I actually *want* to go to the gym, cuz that almost never happens!

I did pretty well on the WW plan this week, even including my nacho splurge on Wednesday (planned). I think the medications and lack of exercise screwed things up, though, because I was up half a pound. But just to make myself feel better, I weighed myself this morning and was down two pounds from last week. But since it's not my Official Weight Tracking Day, I won't count it.

The (sort of) cool thing is that I felt really ill on Saturday night after eating a bunch of junk (soda, chips, pizza, etc.) that we had when we played poker. I guess I'm slowly getting used to eating healthy food again.

The Ruddock House Poker Tournament turned out to be more of a low-key poker night, where we just played Dealer's Choice. Leslie has got an encyclopedic knowledge of poker games - who knew?

On Saturday we went to the Seahawks-Cardinals football game. TJ bought us season tickets for the remaining 7 games. The seats were pretty good, and I now understand enough football to make it sort of interesting. We're also right near the lounge, which is a nice warm indoor area that will come in handy when it's really cold out. Football, as it turns out, doesn't have the most diverse crowd. I guess I shouldn't be that surprised...

Tip of the day: Do not use "Simple Green" cleaner. It smells nasty and I highly doubt it's that environmentally friendly. I like Restoration Hardware's Surface Cleaner instead - lovely scents, works great, and definitely non-toxic.


  1. Well, I'm a terrible explainer and am pretty sure I screwed up the rules on at least some of the games!

    I found an easy recipe for some soft & chewy dog treats you might want to try. They're a big hit with all dogs, apparently:

    3 jars baby food (2.5 oz each) of
    beef, chicken, bananas, whatever your dog likes
    1/4 C dry milk powder
    1/4 C wheat germ

    Combine all ingredients and mix well, roll into little balls and put on a plate, microwave on med-high for 3.5 min. Cool and refrigerate or freeze for keeping.

    I figure they'll be good for training and made 1/3 of them. I had to adjust the powder and wheat germ a bit though, to make it drier and easier to roll into balls. Not sure if Spike & Peanut are allergic to any of these ingredients, but I'm sure you can substitute something like oat flour and it'll do just as fine!

  2. Cool - I'll have to try these out. We use Simon & Huey's PB & Molasses treats for training - they're tiny and soft. Cheerios also worked well for Peanut.

    Thanks for the link to the Goat game - we'll have to play next time!


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