Saturday, September 03, 2005

Waiting, watching, wishing for something to happen

If you go to Google, there's a link to donate money to the Red Cross for hurricane relief via Yesterday the site showed $3.3 million donated, and today, the number is up to $6.5 million. That's really impressive. Now if only the local and federal governments could get their act together...

Well, I made it through an entire week on the Weight Watchers plan. (again no small feat for my short attention span!). I love the fact that I can do this completely online, without having to attend meetings with neurotic people who take a spoon to the grocery store and finish an entire half gallon of ice cream by the time they've done their shopping. I kid you not - this is a story I heard in one of my WW meetings in the 90s, before they had the online thing. Which is not to say everyone at those meetings is like that, but there *is* a lot of whining about how folks are powerless against eating this or that. I'm just too harsh when it comes to that stuff. It's a choice, people. Eat it or not, but get over yourself.

The online program has all the information on the Web, and has a cute little food journal/database where you enter in your food for the day and check off how much water you drank and record your exercise, etc. The user interface is pretty fantastic and is "gadgety" enough that it seems like a game to me.

I guess this all paid off because not only did I stay "on plan", but I lost 2 pounds. Woo hoo! And that was even including the Baja Fresh nachos I ate on Wednesday (serious yum!) which I found out later are 35 points on the WW system. To put that in perspective, I only get 22 points for a whole day. But I had enough of the extra weekly Flex points to eat them and it was goooood.

So as my reward, I bought myself a cute new Nike workout T-shirt at Marshall's. I love that store. I also got some gym socks (the cute little ones that don't show over your shoes), a little backpack I can use when walking to work, a nice burnt orange long sleeve Columbia Athletic shirt, a sterling silver bracelet and some silverplated picture frames for the wedding pictures we're framing for our family members. All for <$100. Yay!

Oh, and at work, I am getting a new laptop! I can't wait - it's a Toshiba Portege Tablet PC! I've wanted one of these things ever since they came out. It's supposed to arrive next week and I can't wait. Maybe I'll even be able to take it to Tucson and poke at it on the plane next weekend when we go there for TJ's grandma's 90th birthday. Woo hoo!

Well, off to finish the Harry Potter book. This one is truly shocking. I actually thought I might cry after the last 2 chapters I read. I'm hoping it gets better, but I'm afraid that it might not, and there's only a few chapters left. This one is very dark.

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  1. I agree, the Harry Potter book is pretty dark. I just finished it this last week.

    Good luck with Weight Watchers!


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