Saturday, October 01, 2005

Let's get it started in here

I'm sitting in the classroom, waiting for my first day of school to start. So far I'm the only girl, and there are about 7 other people here. The classroom is very nice - the whole campus is brand-new, so there's a place to plug in my laptop and they use tables instead of those annoying individual desks.

The cool thing is that I can just connect to the UW wireless network automatically - nothing to configure on my laptop. Awesome. But also bad. If the class gets too boring I will probably end up surfing the Internet. Very distracting.

Well, class starts in 4 minutes so I better get going. More later! (If I'm not comatose after a 4 hour lecture, that is.)


  1. Some of our classrooms were like that in the med school bldg at Temple. The histology prof encouraged us to bring laptops and we could see slides as they were lecturing. Unfortunately that's also how I discovered those gaming ROMs (I forget what they're called) but I would watch people play Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda and other old school NES games during class! It was unfortunate because I started playing games and wouldn't stop to study...

  2. Anandi -- I got your email this morning via my blog. Thanks for the note, but you didn't leave your email address!

    To answer your question, I graduated from Canevin High School in 1988. If you graduated in 1991, you would have been a junior, I guess.

    My father, Bruno Scuglia, taught English at Canevin. And I was heavily involved in the spring musical, marching/concert band, and the yearbook.


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