Saturday, December 24, 2005

Can't find my way home

Now Ginger is defending the kitchen from both Peanut and Spike. She has decided they can't come in here. And she and Peanut are playing the "I'm not looking at you directly" game. Peanut looks very sad and has found himself a spot right outside the kitchen to flop down. I think all he's looking for is a good nap.

Dog behavior sure is a funny thing.


  1. Good luck with working the dog thing out! I'll give you a call if we decide to head to Marymoor this week :)

    Speaking of dog behaviour, the pictures of the day today (12/25) are pretty funny!

  2. Cute pics! I got a couple of Ginger and Peanut playing tug with a toy today so things are definitely better.

    We can't go to Marymoor with Ginger but let me know if you're interested in some shopping. :)


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