Sunday, December 25, 2005

Fall on your knees and hear the angel voices

Random thought of the day - "O Holy Night" is one of my favorite Christmas carols, just behind "Little Drummer Boy". Tracy Chapman has a kickass version of it on one of the "A Very Special Christmas" collections.

Merry Christmas. Today has been a very low key day. Ginger and Peanut have now progressed to lots of growly playing and games of tug and "bite your ear". Unfortunately, due to Ginger's bad leg, we're not comfortable leaving them alone in case they exert themselves too much and Ginger gets hurt. So one of us is stuck at home for most of the time this week. But it's much better now that they get along - they even slept the whole night without barking at each other last night.

I worked out with Maya again today and she made a pointed comment about working out with her more often. I retorted with a very witty remark, of course, but got no response. Maybe that'll come in version 2.0. TJ probably thinks I'm crazy, talking back to the TV like htat. I was pleased to note she wears a different outfit when I picked the "Urban Oasis" workout room.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Suz. Yay! We will probably go visit Ella, Stan and Ada's new baby.

So, what's your favorite Christmas carol?

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