Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The light was shining from the radio

I got the cutest e-card from Michelle. For a corporate marketing idea, Hoops&Yoyo is pretty slick. These guys are adorable. Kind of like a less offensive South Park.

Seeing Suz was very cool. We also went over to Stan and Ada's house to see new baby Ella. Very cute pudgy little cheeks. We also saw Little Stan/Bo, briefly, before he had to go take a nap.

Omakase? OMG!
And I can't believe I forgot to blog about dinner last week at Flo Japanese Restaurant. Leslie and I ordered the Chef's tasting menu, called Omakase, and it was *incredible*. We had a little of everything: clam, oyster, sushi, salmon, a yummy steamed eggwhite dish, and fresh fruit and chocolate fondue at the end. Being the good little WW girl, I skipped out on the chocolate. But even after multiple courses, I wasn't busting-out full. That's the coooool part about Japanese food - when done well, it's light and delicate. mmm, I'd go back there in a heartbeat.

Tomorrow TJ and I are going wine-tasting at Seattle Cellars, then to Red Fin for more sushi. (Well, him for burger, me for sushi). I'm excited since I haven't tried that restaurant. Sadly, it replaces the yummy Yakima Grill, which is no more.

Well, TJ is inviting me to snuggle with him on the couch, and really, who could resist that? :) Hope you're all having a nice final week of 2005!


  1. I didn't know Yakima Grill closed. That's too bad. I still remember that luscious multiberry & whipped cream parfait dessert they had. Bummer.

    Got my hair cut today at Halo again. I know you love your stylist, but if you ever want to switch, they're highly rated, do a great job, and allow dogs!

    Let's do dinner, movie, or shopping next week when you get a chance :) -LL

  2. Yay - I made pic o' the week! Thanks An! Happy New Year!!
    Love, Kristine


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