Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I don't want to have to pay for this

Hmmm. I feel like I've abandoned my blog - I'm posting here almost as infrequently as I do in my work blog. I'm going through a blah period, folks, one that almost always happens at this time of year, ever since college. Weird, huh? Maybe I really am sensitive to the weather.

I had a great weekend in Los Angeles. Saw several college buddies: Bryce, Mike, Coop, and West. Met Linda, who I remember seeing at Tech but never knew her. Very interesting, motorcycle-riding gal. Actually had a conversation with Tom Mannion, probably the only administrator at Caltech who "gets" and even likes, Caltech students. He was hired around the end of my time at Tech so he knows a lot of the Rudds from my time. He invited me to his house for the Super Bowl party that Fleming organizes, and that was a lot of fun. (Even the part when the kid sitting next to me said he was born in 1986. Yikes! And he's in college.) I had a lovely massage at the Amadeus Spa in Pasadena. Very swanky. I ate at In N Out twice, had chili cheese fries at Lucky Boy (is it bad that they *don't* make me sick??) and had awesome,awesome Mexican food somewhere near Glendale.

Tomorrow is a day of serious work for me. I am drowning in my work email and have a gajillion "action items" on my plate. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked "hey, so how's it going with xyz thing you promised you'd do?" this week alone. Does that mean I'm working on too many things at once?? Or maybe this is just that comfortable busy that means I serve a useful purpose at work. I'm still torn about what I want to be when I grow up. I don't even have a real 5-year plan right now and it's bugging me. Heck, I'm not even sure what I want to be doing a year from now. Consulting made me so short-attention-span, I can't contemplate what it's like to work in the same job for more than a year and half.

Time to catch some zzzzs. Now that the weather is marginally better, I'm trying to get some walking in each day. Good for our 112-lb Fat Peanut, and good for me.

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