Thursday, February 23, 2006

You'll know it's true, that you are blessed and lucky

Finally changed the colors! Yay. The actual day of the Superbowl I had to root for the Seahawks since they were clearly the underdogs. I even bought a really cool blue and green striped sundress to wear to the Super Bowl party I went to. Of course, it's been way too cold in Seattle to even think about wearing it, but I will in 2 weeks when we're in Hawaii. WOOHOO!

Got sucked back into American Idol. Go Taylor!!

And thanks to Leslie and being sick for that week back in January, am totally hooked on Project Runway. Love it. Looove Chloe. I am absolutely addicted to these reality talent shows.

Oh, and TJ got a new job at Microsoft. Within 2 days, he had interviewed *and* gotten an offer. Must be a new record in Microsoft HR history... He starts on Monday. My friend Nathalie was teasing me, saying we'd be walking to work holding hands. I doubt that, but it'll be nice to have lunch together sometimes, and we'll try really hard to either walk or carpool, because each of us driving a separate car less than 2 miles to work is just lame.

Trying valiantly to get back on the exercise wagon. Have walked to work a couple of times this week, which is good. TJ and I have been drinking a lot of wine lately, though, which sort of cancels that effort out. I'll post about the yummy wines we've had sometime later.

But now, I'm sleepy and want to go to Le Pro Club before work tomorrow. TTFN.

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