Thursday, March 23, 2006

Put the past away

Thanks to some random blog-reading, I found Pandora. This is too cool. It's a site where you create your own radio station by giving it a particular artist you like. The service then finds other songs by artists that are similar. When I put in Toad the Wet Sprocket, I got 3rd Eye Blind's "Jumper" and R.E.M.'s "Fall on Me". Very cool. When I put in Vienna Teng I got some recommendations of artists that I hadn't heard of, some of which I liked. This is probably a good way to discover new music.

TJ and I ate at Spice downtown today after wine tasting at Seattle Cellars. It was pretty good. The menu is somewhat limited, especially if you're a vegetarian, and some of the items were just trying too hard to be Indian-fusion (like duck samosas. gross!) but the swordfish TJ had and the super-spicy shrimp I had were really good. TJ's mango lemonade was pretty yummy too. The orange-chipotle naan was pretty spicy and had an interesting flavor. Wasn't the best meal I've had, but wasn't the worst either. I probably wouldn't make it a point to go back, but if you're passing by and want to try out some interesting Asian fusion food, it's not a bad choice. And it was fairly healthy, too, since we didn't get dessert and didn't order the usual deep fried yumminess.

I can't believe tomorrow is Friday!


  1. Will write more later, but have you tried Bites yet? Just wondering how the restaurant went :)

  2. How about commenting on...
    - The Herb Farm
    - Alan Wong's
    - Possible story lines for a 70's retro buddy cop comedy drama titled "Peanut and The Beagleman"
    - How nice your husband is

  3. Leslie - nope, haven't gotten a chance to go there yet. We were in Hawaii when they did their preview dinner. We'll probably check it out in the next month.


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