Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Another elimination round on American Idol, and Chicken Little has finally left the building. Kind of a surprise since I thought the 12 year old power-voting girls liked him. Good, though, so we don't have to deal with his annoying demeanor or his love for sappy R&B ballads.

A few of us at work have been exchanging emails about the show, and it came up today that the version of "Walk the Line" Chris did is very similar to one that Live did on their Greatest Hits album. Gee, I guess that's why I thought it sounded like Live. AI made it seem like it was Chris and Barry Manilow's arrangement genius, which seems a bit duplicitous. (That's my SAT word for the day.)

Nathalie told me there will be another series of Rockstar this summer. I guess they couldn't find another band with a dead singer so they're starting a new band. Details here. The cool thing is that Tommy Lee (formerly Motley Crue) and Jason Newstead (formerly Metallica) will be in this band, so they're probably looking for a pretty hard rockin' singer. The bad news is that the airhead twins, Brooke Burke and Dave Navarro are hosting again. Once again, we will give thanks to TiVo.

Some days, secretly, I wish I lived in the 50s where a married woman wasn't expected to work and just had to have a nice dinner and a martini waiting for her husband when he returned from work. (Of course, I'd probably only last a day, especially if I had to get an "allowance" from my husband or he asked when his shirts were going to be ironed.) Today was one of those days at work. Here's to tomorrow being a better day. Ciao baby.

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