Friday, April 07, 2006

Well, pretty good year

So I guess the 1 year anniversary of my blog was sometime this past week. That's a pretty significant milestone given my short attention span.

I'm sad to report I had to drop that programming class. Just way too much work. I was already behind at my job from our 10 day vacation, and adding a bunch of extra work was clearly not the answer.

The good news is that now my work email is somewhat under control and I'm not feeling too stressed about the huge customer event I'm planning for 5 weeks from now.

I'm feeling rather uninspired today, so that's it for me. Hope the rest of y'all out there are having a Happy Spring.


  1. Congrats on hitting a year. I'm going to give mine a few more months and decide what to do. Still experimenting. On a somewhat tangentially related note, there's this blog that you might find interesting, if you haven't seen it yet. She mentioned that she'd started 4 blogs at the same time about different things, but this particular one really took off (both readership and money wise). It's a hot topic I guess!

  2. Hey! That's a pretty cool blog. I'll add it to my list of interesting ones. I guess I should break down and use Bloglines or something but I like to see the original site for some reason...


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