Sunday, November 05, 2006

How to save a life

Cardio: 40 min (30 min elliptical, 10 min recumbent bike - HR~140)
Calories: ? (Sparkpeople site closed for maintenance).
Did not eat out today!

I cleaned out the fridge and did some abbreviated grocery shopping today. I am also happy I got my 40 min of cardio in - again, when I got there I wasn't really in the mood. I took it easy today (4th straight day of working out) so kept my HR lower than usual.

Today's not so great thing: ate a bunch of chips left over from Friday's poker game

But I did resist the call of Baja Fresh and ate at home today. Even made pancakes this morning for breakfast, with enough leftover for tomorrow. YAY.

Gearing up for the next 3 days of work. I am loving this schedule! Tomorrow's some sort of touchy-feely self-awareness seminar with all the Program Mgrs in our division so it shouldn't be too terribly stressful, and will make this week seem even shorter!

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