Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hey Mr. DJ will you turn the music up

So here are the last 5 songs I bought from iTunes. I'm still using the gift certificate John and Jenna bought me for my birthday - thanks guys!!

All Night Long (All Night) - Lionel Richie
It Takes Two - Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock
Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order
Pon de Replay - Rihanna
The Ballad of Jayne - L.A. Guns
Hot Cherie - Hardline

Yes, I've got crazy taste in music. It's all over the place. I love iTunes for its extensive catalog, but also for the fact that you can buy the one song you like from an album and not all the "filler", especially for artists like Usher and Rihanna where I don't like the vast majority of their music.

Another advantage of being a grownup with a real job is that I can buy more than one CD at a time. And in fact, to get the free shipping at, it makes financial sense to do that. I remember being in high school and having to save up for that cassette tape I wanted, or in college buying 1 or at the most 2 used CDs at once. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind used CDs but I've had horrible luck with the places near us here - lots of scratches and unplayable discs.

So recently I've bought 5 CDs - woo hoo!

Twisted Christmas - Twisted Sister
Wintersong - Sarah McLachlan
Daughtry (the cool bald guy from American Idol)
Grey's Anatomy Season 2 Soundtrack
Eyes Open - Snow Patrol

I'm still in the early stages of listening to these so I can't tell you which ones I love and which suck, but I really like Sarah's CD, as well as Daughtry. But those were safe choices for me. The Grey's Anatomy CD has a lot of music/bands I haven't heard of before, and most I don't really remember from the show. Liking that and Snow Patrol will be the true test of whether I'm still cool, or just stuck in the 80s.

So what are y'all listening to?


  1. I really like that Beyonce song, "Irreplacable"; I also just downloaded some holiday stuff by Michael Buble - love his voice! Black Eyed Peas has a song in Tagalog (one of them is 1/2 Filipino!) it's cheesy if you translate the lyrics, but I gotta support it, right?

  2. Love Snow Patrol. My frirend Shannon got me hooked....


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