Saturday, January 27, 2007

I made my baby cry

TJ is keeping his distance from me because I'm "nesting" this weekend. Every so often, I get the urge to move the furniture around, tackle house projects I've been procrastinating on, and try to conquer the clutter that creeps up on us when we're not paying attention.

Yesterday was a good start to this weekend.

I dropped off a bunch of stuff at Goodwill: a giant printer I got for free to use until Epson sent me a new printer because our old one died just after the warranty ran out, some ugly wine glasses I bought at Target, old clothes and shoes, and some random household stuff I wasn't able to sell at Microsoft or on Craig's List.

I also discovered that the brand-new Bellevue Goodwill store is an excellent place to get used books. Apparently Seattleites read really good books and then give them to Goodwill when they're done. I went through one half of an aisle and came home with 10 books for under $10. Most of the nice paperbacks (not the airport cheapy size, but the $12 size) were only 69 cents! Hardbacks are only $2 or $3. So I'll definitely go back there. The store is bright and clean and not in the least bit skeezy.

I returned the extra wall switch we didn't need from our remodeling project in the living room. Speaking of which, if you're in the market for a light fixture or ceiling fan, I highly recommend Lamps Plus. Their customer service is just unbelievable, both before and after you buy something from them. I thought I'd get hassled when I returned the switch, but I was out of the store in 5 minutes with a refund. Plus they get extra points for letting you return online purchases in-store.

I picked up drycleaning that was 3 weeks overdue, and bought lots of healthy food at Trader Joes to get me through the weekend. Sadly, the green dress I wore to Kristine's wedding didn't fare too well at the drycleaner. The beads were just glued on, so the trim got completely trashed when they cleaned the dress. Well, I knew drycleaning was an experiment - the tag said "spot clean only".

Note to self: do not buy throwaway cocktail dresses in the future. I was desperate to find something that fit. Technically I only needed the dress to get me through Kristine's wedding and the holiday season. But that's pretty wasteful. And obviously you can't wear the same dress too many times without having to clean the whole thing. I'm going to take it to the seamstress who does my alterations and find out if she can sew on something to cover up the damaged parts - a sari border would be perfect for this.

I posted some more of our pictures online. I've been going through each set, deleting the ones we don't want to keep, and fixing up the rest by cropping them, removing redeye, etc. I haven't done all of our old pics yet, and still need to post the really old ones, but at least now I've got the recent ones all done.

Here are the new pics:
December in Creath-land
Snowstorm 2007
Girls Gone Wild in DC

I hope you enjoy them! You can leave comments on them, and vote on the ones you like best.

And if you want to use Smugmug for your own pictures, you can use the discount code on my page. We have been very pleased with the site: no ads, doesn't require people to register to see your pictures, very easy to use, with unlimited storage.


  1. Nice pics! The snow looks all pretty and stuff. Very crisp. Makes me miss Seattle :(

    And Spike looks festive in his Xmas collar contrasting with the snow. :)

    Who's TJ rooting for next weekend?

    My first week at work was ok. It's going to require a lot more hours than I hoped/expected, and things are a bit insular there. Those are the major downsides. On the upside, the food is pretty good, and I'm loading up every day on breakfast (fresh smoothie, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, grits, bacon, taro pancakes, etc., and that's probably only 1/3rd of the offerings, plus we're not in the main buildings which have even better cafeterias)
    I'm a sucker for hot breakfasts.

    Hee hee. I'm trying to get people to come and join the company (it'd be perfect for my bro, I think, but I think he actually enjoys his current job a lot), so you and TJ should consider applying. Only, you'd lose all the cool free time you currently have :( We have a Kirkland office up there...maybe TJ should consider moving over to the dark side (rel. to Microsoft, anyway)? He might enjoy it the culture more, I dunno. It's a lot like being in college.

    My blog's not getting updated though. I have yet to figure out if I have any time at all to maintain it, or if not, what to do with it.

    Hope everything's good up there!


  2. Snow peanut is so much fun! Even spike will tell you that run peanut run is the best game ever. KB


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