Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Flyin' like an aeroplane

TJ and I are getting ready for our trip to California. I've got a Volunteer Conference at Caltech, and TJ is coming along just to hang out. We've already planned to hit some of our favorite restaurants (Tarantino's and In-n-Out Burger) and see some of our friends who still live in the area. So it'll be quite an action-packed weekend, but I hope to get in some good walking and sun and relaxation as well.

Next weekend is my 15th high school reunion. Quite typically for my lame-o high school, it was organized haphazardly, for our 16th year. At a bar. At least it's not high pressure - I can just wear jeans and bail when I'm bored. TJ is not coming with me so I'm on my own for that. But to make myself feel better, I booked myself at one of the nicest hotels in town, the Omni William Penn. I'm also planning to go to the spa there. My high school experience was not great - by the time I was a senior I was literally counting the days to get out of there.

But Caltech was so much better for me - I was with like-minded geek people, and finally felt like I had found the place where I "fit". So here's to 2 weekends in a row of traveling back in time! Salut!

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